What Is Google Plus?

Google Plus is an interesting kind of site. The culmination of years of development and failed products, it has finally provided a solid social media platform for Google. One that incorporates many of their other services to give a more well rounded and intuitive experience for both personal and professional users.

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One thing that Google Plus has going for it is the expertise of a company that is a driving force behind the evolution of the internet. They have their fingers on the pulse of the web, and are often the trend setters when it comes to new features. Or, at the very least, quick to take advantage of those features when innovated by someone else.

Because it changes all the time, not everyone is clear on the way to use it, much less what the site is really capable of. If you have signed up and feel yourself intimidated, let this Google Plus FAQ help you to navigate its basic applications.

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Google+ is a fantastic social platform that is growing by the day. Their regular adaptions for user friendly navigation and use is putting them at the top of the social networking pyramid. Do you have any other questions? Let us know in the thread!