How Rich Snippets Work (And Tools to Generate Them)

Google search results are becoming ridiculously competitive. With the introduction of new and flashier ways to be seen, you still have to learn how to creatively and dynamically exploit those offered tools. Being seen with so many others attempting the same feat is just as hard as it was when visibility relied only on ranking.

Rich snippets have become the new keywords. These little details are what causes your listing to “pop” in a search, catching the eye of the user no matter what place on the first page you occupy. Proper use of rich snippets are a requirement for being seen.

What Are Rich Snippets, Really?

rich snippets

“Rich snippets” are search results proving the user with more answers right within SERPs. To qualify for rich snippets your web page should have rich markup (the preferred type is

Here are the supported types of rich snippets:

Google Authorship

These are usually profile or author photos that are connected to Google+ accounts.

Through the Google Authorship program, writers can digitally sign their content by attaching it to that account. With an author snippet, it will show the name, the number of social circles they are a part of in Google+, and the date of the article.

Featured tool: Social media signals tool + Authorship will both find the verified author of the content and collect some information about him / her (Twitter account, circles, followers, etc)

Social media signals tool + Authorship


Recipes will have some nutritional and preparation information, like how long it takes to cook and how many calories are in each serving.


Events will show dates and times for quick reference.

Featured tool: Event Rich Snippet Schema Generator


Businesses will show addresses, and sometimes hours of operation, phone numbers and customer ratings.

Featured tool:Brand (Organization) Rich Snippet Schema Generator


Movies and books will also show off a ranking system, and some product pages have a star rating alongside price.

Featured tool:Movie Rich Snippet Schema Generator

Video rich snippet

Video rich snippet will display a video thumbnail and length.

Video rich snippet

Have a tip for people using rich snippets? Let us know in the comments.

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