Generate the Full Indepth Article Code Easily with Featured Tool of the Week

Last month Google official launched what they had been testing for a couple of months – the new type of search results: In-Depth articles. Those 3 “in-depth” listings appear below top nine search results and each snippet consists of the following:

  • Title tag
  • Featured image
  • Short description
  • Publisher logo and name
  • Date when it was written

Indepth articles are what Google considers evergreen content. It’s beyond competition.

Indepth articles

Currently only the select number of core powerful publishers (like,,, etc) have been showing in “in-depth” block – but Google says there’s a way to be considered as “in-depth” (maybe in the future?). One of the requirements is to have some definitive types of markup on your page.

We can’t be sure yet if Google feels like expanding in-depth articles beyond the core publishers but it never hurts getting prepared for “the better”, right? Besides, Google likes very much, so why not take the best of it?

The Tool

With that in mind, we developed this easy, yet concise indepth article code generator. It does both:

  • Helps you generate the required markup and easily apply it to the page.
  • Educates: Walks you through markup showing how it works and what it takes to have it correctly set-up. The input fields are organized based on the schema type.


We are planning to turn it into a WordPress Plugin as well, so stay tuned!