Manage Your Backlink Lists with This Smart List Cleaner Tool

Today’s tool is a special one because it can turn useful in numerous situations and processes, especially now that search marketers have to deal with dozens of sources and thousands of lines of (backlink) data.

If you are doing a link audit, for example, or auditing a possible penalty, you have to deal with at least a couple or more data sources:

That’s where this neat tool comes in handy: URL List Cleaner Tool

URL List Cleaner Tool

  • Easily merge lists from various locations / files: You can copy-paste into the input field or import numerous files (don’t forget to hold CTRL / CMD keys when choosing the files to import)
  • Easily clean the united list by keeping ALL unique URLs (to filter out repeating URLs that were recorded in a few lists you are merging)
  • Easily clean the merged list by keeping one LONGEST URL per domain (This comes very handy when you have many blog comments and your backlink ends up being repeated in /category/, /author/, /tag/ , etc pages while the real source is the POST page (which is usually the longest))
  • Easily clean the merged list by keeping one SHORTEST URL per domain (It’s easy when you have sitewide links and you only need to see home pages)

Finally, see how cleaner your list has got with the handy URL counter.

Happy list cleaning!