Analyze Google SERPs with Smart Page Keyword Density Tool – Featured This Week!

Today’s featured tool is a smart keyword density analysis utility that you can use to analyze SERPs (search engine results pages)!

The steps:

  • Run a search on Google and copy-paste the results URL
  • Remove s from https of the URL (to make sure the tool can access it)
  • Add &num=100 to the results to make sure the tool has a ton of text to analyze
  • Run the URL through our tool

Suddenly you have the whole list of keyword suggestions to work with:

Google SERPs analysis

Google SERPs analysis

Mind that the tool takes all on-page content and analyzes keyword co-occurrence – which means you get a good glance of your core-term keyword context.

If you scroll a bit, you’ll see further analysis of non-linked content (which in this case means analysis of meta-descriptions and parts of the text Google thought was closest-related to your search term):

Analysis of non-linked part of Google SERPs

Awesome use of an old tool. Can think of any more?

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