Masterseek: a Global Business Search Engine

Masterseek is the largest B2B (business to business) search engine in the world, and now it’s ready to for international availability. The company has signed on with Thenberg & Kinde Fondkommission AB (based in Sweden) to finance the massive enterprise. Currently, this huge search engine offers listings for millions and millions of companies all around the world. This only leaves one last question: is the world ready for a global search engine of these proportions?

What is Masterseek?

Looking for information on a business? Want to obtain company profiles, contact information, product descriptions, other business data? Masterseek’s purpose is to allow buyers and suppliers to communicate with, contact and find each other with ease.

It’s the largest B2B search engine, with more than 45 million companies listed on the site. More than 75 countries are represented by the businesses displayed on Masterseek — and that’s a huge pool of resources. Using this site, consumers and business professionals can analyze the market, search for new investments and look for potential new contacts.

In essence, Masterseek doesn’t vary from search engines Internet users are more familiar with using on a daily basis. Simply type in your search string and start looking; Masterseek will list results in order of relevance. There are a few different options for those using the engine: standard search of the entire database, a specific product search, company searches and a people search. It’s also possible to look for businesses, and business professionals, by country. Results can be displayed in almost any language the seeker chooses.

How Does Masterseek Work?

Masterseek uses much of the same programming tools that other search engines employ to bring you results. The engine’s Web crawler continuously searches company information, compiling the data into easy-to-search lists that detail the information that’s relevant to you, the searcher. The data is updated every single day, to give users virtually real-time results. You can search on a worldwide, nationwide, statewide or even much more localized basis, seeking companies both near and far in almost any industry you can imagine.

Masterseek’s purpose is to give users very friendly, easy-to-understand data on companies all around the world, making it a simple matter to find new contacts, products and other business-related information within moments. However, the single search bar isn’t the only way you can seek with Masterseek.

{mospagebreak title=Business Categories}

Looking for a specific type of business, rather than a name or particular product? Masterseek offers a comprehensive list of business categories to help searchers find just what they want. From accounting to transport services, Masterseek provides a lengthy list of business types for those who are trying to home in on a certain kind of professional organization. You can refine your results to include only local companies, tightening the net so you can locate businesses that offer just what you need, where you need it.

Looking for importers? Exporters? Business advice? Business travel assistance? No matter what it is you want, Masterseek’s point-and-click list helps you find specific results instantly — and you don’t have to type a thing into the search engine if you don’t want to.

Search By Region or Code

Many European businesses can be found with more than category selection and keywords. Masterseek also allows you to search for professional institutions by using CPV codes. You can refine this CPV search to look among specific categories first, or use the map to click on the region you want to particularly focus on at a given time.

{mospagebreak title=Become a Part of Masterseek}

There are lots of easy ways to use Masterseek. You can refine your search by business type, location, code, or any combination of factors. You might seek out products, professional persons, business names, or pretty much anything you can think of to find the businesses you need. Company profiles, information and data can be accessed with a few clicks or keystrokes.

Because Masterseek’s database is getting bigger all the time, reaching global proportions, this search engine is very convenient for anyone who’s looking for B2B information. This is a great site for consumers and professionals of all types, providing an easy way for professionals to find each other as needed. So, how can your business become a part of Masterseek, too?


The search engine’s main page ( offers this useful section (you’ll find it near the bottom right of the page) so you can add your Web site to this huge database of business information. There are lots of benefits to being listed with Masterseek, as there are benefits to getting listed on any search engine on the Internet. You’ll get to pick the keywords that seem to relate to your business in the best way, decide which categories you want to be associated with, and become part of the Masterseek universe which regularly receives millions of regular visitors. That’s quite a few perks!

However, being listed with Masterseek isn’t free. There are three packages to choose from: Basic, Plus and Premium. Ranging in price from $89 to $299 USD annually, you’ll receive a business profile as well as other extras with your purchase. Is it worth the expense? Put it this way: most advertising costs money, and Masterseek is, in a way, the largest directory of business ads in the world.

{mospagebreak title=Masterseek: A Global Search Engine}

By uniting searchers and businesses from all around the world, Masterseek is poised to become a truly global search engine that breaks down barriers. Business owners can likely see the value immediately: finding new buyers, potential partners and new contacts all around the world can really help boost business revenue and value.

Being part of any large network can be very beneficial. Being listed on a site that regularly receives millions of viewers certainly isn’t too shabby.

However, Masterseek is different from many of the major search engines which are used by countries all around the world. Being listed with Google, for instance, is absolutely free — you’ve just got to figure out how to do it.

Paid search engine listings, on the other hand, might offer different ranking systems. You might find that your business does not always fall near the top.

Taking these points into consideration, as a marketing tool, Masterseek can be extremely useful.

As a search engine, however, this Web site may not always provide the purest results. Remember, it’s the businesses themselves which decide upon the keywords and categories they wish to represent — meaning that none of the usual SEO tricks apply with Masterseek.

As a B2B engine, however, this site sets the gold standard for others to follow: a huge directory of listings, a large database, lots of traffic. As a global search engine, however, there is still a bit more to be desired.


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