Internet Marketing Ninjas Reviews and Testimonials

Internet Marketing Ninjas have been providing full-service Internet Marketing services for more than a decade.

Jim Boykin, the CEO and Founder, is personally involved in all the projects bringing his expertise and creativity to the table. He is personally on a call with each client regularly which obviously results in many positive reviews and testimonials from clients.

Internet Marketing Ninjas (then known as "We Build Pages") started as a link building company and grew into a well known full-service Internet Marketing company providing wide range of marketing services including social media marketing, reputation management, brand content asset building, content marketing, ON-site search engine optimization, web design and web development, etc

Here are just a few reviews from clients and Industry leaders:

Review By Rand FishkinBy Rand Fishkin, Founder of

Internet Marketing Ninjas are a firm I consistently refer people to for great link building and targeted SEO campaigns in a wide variety of markets.

Always professional, always reliable and very friendly – great to work with all around.

Review By Michael CritesBy Michael Crites, VP Digital Marketing at Daddies Board Shop

I cannot even begin to describe the effectiveness of [Internet Marketing Ninjas’] work…

I hope countless others are struck mute in awe of Internet Marketing Ninjas (Formerly known as We Build Pages) for years to come.

Review By Andy HagansBy Andy Hagans, CEO & Editor in Chief at Poseidon Financial:

Internet Marketing Ninjas are the best (and only) organic SEO firm to which I recommend people.

About Founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, Jim Boykin

By Duane ForresterBy Duane Forrester, Webmaster Outreach at Bing:

Jim has been a leading voice in the digital marketing industry for over a decade. His experience, wisdom and intelligent ideas are the basis for success

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