10 Blogs To Follow For Content Marketing Advice

Content is the primary tool for marketing in the world today. Even when looking at other styles, it often veers off into content in one way, or another. Social media, for example, requires content to drive engagement, as does more direct advertising, media marketing, ect. You have to have something to show your audience on the web that captures their attention and holds it long enough to get your message across.

While the general principles behind content are not changing, everything adapts. Trends, different methods of content creation, curation, new social sites and more present a challenge to those trying to stay on top.

It can be helpful to have experts to turn to. These ten blogs are must follow sites for anyone wanting content marketing advice, direction or just general information.

1. Alltop Content Marketing

Alltop Content Marketing

Alltop is a news site that gathers up the latest in a number of industries and gives you an up to date look at what is going on. They have a content marketing section that posts updates from various popular websites, several of which are on this list below. It is a helpful aggregator for those who want to keep up with what is brand new.

2. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute

This site is more than just a blog. They are a major brand that holds or takes part in events around the world, employs specialists who offer their unique perspective on the topic of content marketing, and even publish a magazine. They have some very helpful how-to guides for getting started in content marketing, and narrowing your focus to more specific areas like data measurement and conversation.

3. Copyblogger


Another industry powerhouse, Copyblogger offers webinars, ebooks, seminars, forums, and their writers are frequently seen at conferences on the topic of marketing and copywriting. They also have a large collection of regularly published articles that are worth following, in addition to their actual blog.

4. MyBlogGuest blog

SEO Smarty

One (guest) blogging tip a week. MBG runs weekly Twitter chats and then publish shat scripts weekly on a blog – that means tons of useful information on content marketing each week.

5. Post Advertising

Post Advertising

This blog is about the world post-advertising, as a new form of promotion grows from the ashes. They have interesting categories, such as Advertising Is Dead and Broadcast Is Shrinking. You can get valuable advice here on how to market various industries through what is now offered on the web.

6. Web Ink Now

Web Ink Now

Whether you want to learn more about markerting, leadership or both, Davic Meerman Scott has you covered with his blog on each. Content is key, in his opinion, and he talks about how to make the most of it in every way.

7. Marketing Interactions

Marketing Interactions

This blog has a content marketing focus, but most of their work is aimed at B2B rather than B2C. Learn to start and continue a conversation that properly engages and leads to affiliations and more.

8. Sparksheet


Here you will find ‘good ideas’ to implement in not only your content strategy, but your overall marketing and media. Learn latest trending methods of marketing and what is just emerging. Get better at establishing yourself as an authority. Learn to properly communicate with others.

9. Idea Launch

Idea Launch

This is a content specific blog that is part of a larger network launched by the same group. LifeTips, WriterAccess and Designer Access are all also a part. Their mission is to take you from the initial sparked idea into a full data formed plan of action, and then to a result. It applies this process to content, marketing (B2B), social media, infographics, general technology and more. They have a great Tips and Advice section.

10. Conversation Agent

Conversation Agent

Learn how to make a more cohesive and beneficial marketing plan with strategist Valeria Maltoni. She does not limit her topics to content marketing, though that is included along with the rest.

Do you know of any blogs that are good for content marketing tips? Let us know in the comments.