What NOT to Use Google Search For

Google Search is one of the most used tools on the internet. If you expand it to all of Google’s services, it is definitely the primary powerhouse of the web, They seem to have their hand in almost everything, and what they don’t yet control they are probably trying to find a way to. It is a company that was created to expand, and it is now a regular part of our daily lives.

But their search engine was not made for everything. There are quite a few areas where it has tried – and failed – to be the best choice.

This topic was brought up on Quora not too long ago. The top purpose voted by users of things not to use Google for was medical research information. Even Google Scholar isn’t that reliable, and they suggest Embase, Medline and Pubmed as the three primary resources for searching out medical studies. Though poster Erica Friedman points out that a comprehensive search will take quite a few more search engines.

Another answer that stood out to me was ‘people searches’. Suzanne Boland says what many of us have probably discovered: Google is useless for searching out people. You are better off doing a deep web search through a specific engine. For example, Spokeo or Pipl. These let you search by name, location, email, address, ect. They will bringWhat NOT to Use Google Search For up public information and social media profiles, respectively.

One thing I have found is terrible for finding results on Google is torrents. I don’t mean illegal ones, but those that are specifically authorized by creative content licenses. These are so difficult to find using a Google search, which gives preference to illegal download sites and trackers. Which is why I use legal torrent search engines and sites instead, which only track those that the creators have given as an open source project. You can find a list of these here.

What are some uses you think Google is useless for? Let us know in the comments!

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