Multi-level Google Suggest Keyword Research: Featured Tool of the Month

Last week we featured Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Keyword Suggest Tool that will fetch keyword suggestions for any phrase you put in and, most importantly, it will dig deeper and fetch suggestions for [your phrase + each letter of alphabet] like this:

keyword suggestion

Today’s featured tools also uses Google Suggest as data source but instead of letters, it expands each phrase to the second and third levels like this:

Google suggest - 3 levels

So meet today’s featured tool: Related keywords tool

Start with Level one to get the “core” of what you will be digging deeper to:

core phrases

List of core phrases you will be expanding

Then go to Level two to expand each phrase from the “core” list:

Google suggest results - level 2

Level 2 of keywords

Finally, switch to Level 3 to expend each and every phrase from the second level:

Google Suggest results - level 3

Level 3 of keywords

Now, feel free to download you huge list of phrases and brainstorm!

The sweet thing about that tool is that you actually see what *people tend to type*. Unless many keyword research tool (Google Adwords External being the most popular one), this output won’t be skewed towards commercial phrases. This list is exactly what people are interested in!