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Jim Boykin

A native of New York, Jim Boykin rose to prominence as a premiere search engine marketing (SEO) strategist and guru almost by happenstance. He began his career when he bought a computer in 1999 and within only two weeks, learned HyperText Markup Language HTML, registered the domain for We Build Pages, and won his first web development client. Surprised by how fast the client found him on the Internet, Jim began studying SEO, determined to learn the ins and outs of it, and put his own personal stamp on it. His journey has resulted in the development of a successful internet marketing company, multiple awards, and the respect of peers, who request his presence at conventions devoted to search engine optimization. The natural growth of his success has brought about the adoption of SEO Chat, which Jim has been an integral part of since it first opened its forum doors.

Currently, Jim is the CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, an internet marketing company specializing in providing SEO services to businesses with online presences. Formally known by the name We Build Pages, Internet Marketing Ninjas has been updated and has upgraded its SEO services to reflect current market trends and the new needs of the web. The company offers internet marketing services in the forms of SEO analysis, website design, SEO content, link building, programming and social media marketing. His team of over 100 “ninjas” pride themselves on being part of an internet marketing company that can skillfully and faithfully provide marketing tools to business owners.

A passion for always being on the cutting edge of SEO developments has ignited a desire in Jim to educate others on the tips and trade and of SEO. Jim has participated in the SES Conference & Expo, the SMX Search Marketing Expo, the Affiliate Summit Marketing Conference, and other events designed to teach the value, importance and integration of SEO tools into modern marketing. In total, Jim has spoken at over 50 events around the world, as his reputation as an SEO guru has managed to cross international borders. His demand only increases, as he continues to establish his skills and premiere solutions in the internet marketing services industry.

Jim’s official awards and distinctions for his contributions to search engine optimization are numerous. In 2006 and 2007, Jim’s blog was awarded the distinction of “Best Link Building Blog” by Search Engine Journal. In 2008, Jim was nominated for a SEMMY award, an honor given only to those who excel in search engine marketing. With the addition of SEO Chat to his portfolio, Jim hopes to continue his stellar work in the field and add even more distinguished merits to his already impressive career.

SEO Chat has found its new and unshakeable footing with Jim as its new owner. Jim’s adoption of the forum is organic – and, some would say, inevitable – as Jim was the second person to sign up for the forum at its inception. As a pioneer in the search engine optimization world, Jim hopes to bring his knowledge and skills to the SEO Chat community in a more official manner, and with the input of regular users. Jim will be actively redesigning the layout, reconfiguring tools, and using social networks to create the most user-friendly website on the Internet for search engine marketing enthusiasts, and those who are in the market for SEO services.

Jim’s recent acquisitions of DevShed network, Cre8asiteForums and Webmaster World forum prove that he believes in the power of the community.

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