Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN)

Beginning as We Build Pages in 1999, Internet Marketing Ninjas is a company with a long tradition of excellence in SEO and online marketing.

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Over a decade ago Jim Boykin CEO and founder began a one man web design and SEO company. The growing importance of organic search drove him to focus his efforts on SEO services, link building and SEO Blogging. Over the course of the next several years the internet marketing company grew from a small operation to the nearly 100 person company it is today.

The business re-branded in 2011 from We build Pages to Internet Marketing Ninjas. The name change also signified a massive expansion of services. In addition to the link building services that helped the company grow, they have included a greater emphasis on the other essential aspects of quality SEO including; SEO content, social media, web design and SEO consulting and analysis.

The IMN staff includes various specialists with individual areas of expertise. Through expert training, proprietary tools and highly refined processes the IMN team is able to bring exceptional results to a long roster of clients in numerous markets and niches.

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By providing a full spectrum of professional SEO services, Internet Marketing Ninjas is able to help websites grow in nearly every area of online marketing thanks to their skilled SEO teams.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting

Internet Marketing Ninjas has a complete in-house team of SEO experts able to conduct in-depth research and analysis on any website. Their reports reflect the latest in SEO news and provide actionable recommendations and professional insights into the best course of action to strengthen and improve your site’s performance in search engines.

Website Design Services

The team at IMN knows that the best way to ensure optimal website performance is to start thinking about SEO from initial creation.  A well-designed website is created from the ground up utilizing best practices for usability and ranking well. The design team there both offers design and search engine optimization help. When aesthetics and solid SEO combine it can result in a modern, stylish site that provides the kind of online visibility that produces results.

SEO Content writing

Every website needs great content; from content that tells your story, to optimization to linkable content. The IMN content department can help websites create the kind of content that will help engender long term growth. With a greater knowledge than forum SEO the content team can handle all of the nuances of content development from keyword research and planning to balancing SEO and readability. Great website content is specialized work that the ninjas know well.

Social Media Marketing

Social media networks provide businesses with unprecedented opportunities to reach and engage new and existing customers. With the right kinds of profiles and strategic outreach and promotion social media can be a powerful and effective marketing force for a business. If the constant growth and management of all of these profiles seems daunting, the team at Internet Marketing Ninjas can be the specialists you need to do social media right.

Link Building

Getting links is a big part of the life of any website and any site owner. But this time consuming, specialized process can easily be a full time job. With a large staff of trained link builders and a streamlined link acquisition process, link building has been the cornerstone of IMN growth and is still one of their most sought after internet marketing services.

With internet Marketing Ninjas you get the strength of the entire ninja army. Though everyone has access to many of their Free SEO tools and their SEO blog, clients receive upgraded versions of these tool reports and reports from their proprietary internal tools. With multiple teams that are trained in numerous aspects of online marketing, a dedicated customer service team and the leadership of industry thought leader Jim Boykin, the Ninjas may be the right partner for your online business.

Jim Boykin also is the owner of the Developer Shed websites which include an SEO Forum called ASP Free as well as a programmer and designer forum called Devshed. The search engine optimization forums are a great place to start any internet marketing research.

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