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What is Developer Shed? This powerhouse tool is a composite of seventeen unique websites. It’s an invaluable resource for programmers, developers and other “Tech-Geeks” who want to master their craft and pass on their knowledge to other Devloper Shed Logo In addition to the one-on-one mentoring through the many forums, Developer Shed consistently provides unique and timely content to its users. Highlighting newsletters, tutorials and breaking-news articles, the Developer Shed Network is the top resource for anyone in the field of information technology. Developer Shed Network is the property of Internet Marketing Ninjas founded by Jim Boykin

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The Network

The Developer Shed Network accelerates cutting edge ideas from community based sites, dedicated to solving problems and developing world class expertise in the ever-changing arena of information technology.


For information on computer programming, check out Devshed.com This site is a blend of Tech news and practical tutorials written by recognized experts. While its companion site, Devshed Forums, enable users to get specific answers to their real-life questions.
  • PHP Development – Is a widely used scripting language, perfectly suited to web development.
  • Jobs on DevShed – Seeking a programming job? Check this forum out.
  • Perl Programming – This highly flexible computer development language can trip up even the most experienced of programmers.
  • C Programming – Is a general-purpose programming language, a great place to start!
  • Python Programming – This easy to understand language can be used in both scripting and non-scripting capacities.
  • Ruby Programming – The next generation in intuitive computer programming, this language is meant to feel natural, but can be as complex as nature itself.
  • XML Programming – One of the most widely used markup languages, XML is designed to make documents “readable” to both humans and machines.
  • Web Hosting – This forum is set up to give users the best opportunities available in web hosting.


ASPfree.com and ASPfree Forums are the perfect tools to help anyone master the ASP language.
  • ASP Development – This forum is dedicated to the discussion of ASP technologies and coding techniques.
  • .NET Development – Check in here for insightful discussion on the Microsoft languages. Including VB.NET, ASP.NET and many others.
  • Visual Basic Programming – Topics here run the gamut from coding strategy and theory to development and expert techniques.
  • HTML, JavaScript and CSS Help – This forum answers questions regarding all facets of website development.
  • Microsoft IIS – For information on Internet Information Server usage, this forum is the place to go.
  • Programmers for Hire – This forum is a hub for programmers, collaborators, recruiters or IT Managers networking their experience or finding solutions to their hiring needs.

Dev Hardware

This branch of the Developer Shed Network specializes in the tangible aspects of computer science. Devhardware.com gives readers up to date coverage of the latest news and trends in the world of computer hardware. Devhardware Forums connect learners from across the globe, solving real problems for real people.
  • Computer Hardware Reviews – The purpose of this forum is to discuss any articles, tutorials and opinion pieces posted to the official Devhardware website.
  • PC Hardware – Whether creating a personal computer from scratch, or simply beefing up one’s current model, this is the site to choose for hardware advice.
  • ATI Video Card – Join the conversation on ATI All-In-Wonders, ATI Radeons, stop “blue screens of death” and learn countless other hardware secrets from this info-packed forum.
  • Computer Monitors – For anyone who doesn’t know whether to choose a Toshiba or a Dell, this forum gives actual user experiences and advice on what to really look for in a monitor.
  • Storage Devices – Discuss the merits of different types of storage devices as well as brand preferences and other opinions.
  • Mobile Computing – This forum focuses on all manner of mobile computers and brands. Will tablets last? Which major company is poised to make a mobile breakthrough? The answers just might be waiting here.
  • Networking – Look no further for answers about Wi-Fi, DNS errors, network printers and more.
  • CPU Overclocking – The topics in this practical forum include: front side buses, overclocking Intel processors, increasing CPU clock speed and more.
  • Technology News – Read the latest about what’s going on in the world of High-Tech.

Dev Articles

Devarticles.com and Devarticles Forums comprise an all-inclusive segment of the Developer Shed Network. These sites cover it all: programming, web design, database management and more!
  • Database Development – Includes all relevant fields of database management, design, maintenance and normalization.
  • Microsoft Access Development – This forum teaches how Microsoft Access can be leveraged for flexible, comprehensive solutions.
  • SQL Development – Discuss Oracle, PostgreSQL, and other SQL related questions.
  • Web Development – This forum was created to brainstorm design concepts and general layout ideas.
  • Java Development – Access expert knowledge of Java, JSP, J2ME, related languages and variations. If it’s Java, It’s here.
  • JavaScript Development – Discover JavaScript’s capacity as a DOM manipulator. Users can utilize this resource to enhance their site’s UX.
  • Programming Help – This forum engages users in problem/solution discussion of the uncategorized languages, such as Perl, Python, Scripting and others.
  • Programming Tools – A designated catch-all, programmers can use this tool to talk over any topics that don’t fit into the above categories.
  • Website Hosting – This category gives users access to the best advice on web hosting available online.

SEO Chat

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization SEOchat.com and SEO Chat Forums give users all the information they need to achieve their objectives through higher visibility, user engagement and profitability.
  • Google Search Engine Optimization – With this content loaded forum, users can learn techniques to launch defeat spammers, increase their PageRank, and find out the latest news on algorithm updates.
  • Yahoo Search Engine Optimization – This forum delves into the specific techniques necessary to achieve high rankings in Yahoo’s search engine.
  • Bing Search Engine Optimization – Discuss the common search engine of Bing, MSN and Live.com, find out which factors affect different websites and why.
  • Seo Chat Tools – Gadgets to improve your website for greater visibility in search engine results.
  • Social Media Marketing – This forum discusses the most useful social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and others.
  • Search Engine Optimization – General tips and insightful strategic theory fill the threads of this forum.

Code Walkers

Codewalkers.com and Code Walker Forums These two sites give in-depth insight into the world of PHP Coding.
  • PHP Programming – Answers for any PHP coding questions. Period.
  • PHP Book Reviews – There are many helpful PHP books available. This site introduces readers to the best resources for their specific projects.


With Tutorialized.com and Tutorialized Forums users have access to numerous tutorials and articles, focused on a variety of subjects.
  • Fireworks Programming – This forum instructs users how to best utilize Macromedia Fireworks.
  • Flash Programming – With this forum, users can learn how to create interactive demos, standalone movies and more.
  • 3DS MAX– This forum was specifically designed for game developers, design visualization specialists and visual effects artists.
  • Dreamweaver – Users discover all they need to know about the Dreamweaver development tool.
  • Ruby on Rails – Dive into the intuitive world of Ruby on Rails with this helpful forum.
  • PHP Programming – To make their pages more interactive, programmers can turn to PHP; and subsequently, this forum.
  • Web Design – This forum focuses on all aspects of web design.
  • Visual Basic – Using this forum, developers can build skill creating their own GUI applications in Windows.
  • PHP Tutorials – With this compilation of PHP tutorials, users can teach themselves the ins and outs of PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails Tutorials – With over one hundred tutorials there is no shortage of detailed guidance in this category.

Webmaster Tools

Built to help developers create fantastic websites, Dev Mechanic and Dev Mechanic Webmaster Tools share all the information they need to do just that.
  • Affiliate Promotion – This forum shows users how to maximize their affiliations.
  • Blog Help – This page offers programmers all the information they need to make their blogs a business success.
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is vital for every web developer. This page gives and overview of commonly discussed topics.
  • Web Development – These articles teach users the tactics to increase traffic to their sites.
  • Web Hosting – This page contains information for users entering the web hosting arena, and those who just need to find the right hosting service.
  • Website Advertising – This fast paced field can be unfamiliar territory. This page allows developers to avoid common mistakes and make the most of their advertising dollars.
  • Website Marketing – Here, users learn the difference between advertising and marketing; and what techniques will work best for their sites.
The Developer Shed Network is committed to the development of experts, and the proliferation of knowledge. This devotion to community is what sets Developer Shed apart from other ‘tips and tricks’ websites. Here a thriving body of veteran programmers and rising stars come together to challenge, test, teach and discuss the realities, obstacles and opportunities of their craft. Developer Shed is proving itself to be the most effective shared resource available in the development community. It will continue to grow and evolve, providing new tools and greater breakthroughs. Put simply, Developer Shed is passionate about the integration and acceleration of their users’ success. They will continue to add value as the top resource for developers worldwide.

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