Wrong Ways To Use Hashtags

Hashtags are amazing. Not just because they offer such a clever way of grouping content, searching and adding context. Not even because they were used on IRC long before Twitter even thought of. It is because they have invaded the public consciousness in an irrevocable way that will continue to affect our world for generations to come. Continue reading

How Facebook Hashtags Work

When I first heard that Facebook was enabling live hashtags on their site, I was surprised. Not that the move had been taken (Twitter hashtags have been around since 2007!), but that it had taken so long to do it. After all, services like Flickr and Instagram have had them for ages, and Twitter remains Facebook’s main competitor. People like hashtags, and they should have been utilized for the largest social networking site a long time ago. Continue reading

5 Ways to Repackage Content Into Media

There is a trick to managing content that a lot of people don’t know: repackaging it. You can take those blog posts or articles and turn them into something new and exciting, converting the format into other forms of media for wider appeal. Just making a single piece of content can be re-used several times, and then re-shared again to capture the attention of a whole new audience. Continue reading