Bing and Google Suggest for Personal Reputation Management

Both Google and Bing have autosuggest, and it is a feature I think we tend to take for granted now. I know that I even cater my search terms when using either engine based on what comes up as a suggestion. It feels completely natural to do so, even though it is a relatively new feature. I barely remember a few years ago when you have to do the search and rely on a possible correction just in case you got it wrong. Continue reading

Yahoo Acquires OnTheAir, Betting Big on Mobile

Ever since former Googler Marissa Mayer took the reins at Yahoo, observers have been speculating about the venerable but beleaguered search engine’s new direction. A look at the company’s first two purchases since the new CEO came aboard seems to indicate a big bet on mobile apps.
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Will Local Search Matter More on Yahoo?

With former Googler Marissa Mayer firmly installed as Yahoo’s new CEO, a number of observers have speculated about the changes she’s going to bring. To be fair, it’s been less than a month since she landed her new job. Still, given her background, one assumption seems fair: local search will start to matter more at the venerable search engine.
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