The Number of Google Results Found: What It Really Means

You know the scenario well: you do a search on any engine, and in seconds you are given your results. You stay on the first couple of pages, probably within the first few websites offered. Because there is no way you are going to go filtering through the millions (or even billions) of websites that it gave you to choose from. I doubt you have ever even gone past the third page, much less ventured to number ten and beyond. What would be the point? Continue reading

Search Engine Spiders: Why Don`t They Crawl My Site?

So you have designed your site, created fresh content, checked off your search engine optimization checklist, and all bases seem to be covered. Yet when you check to see if your pages have actually made it into the search engines, you notice a few pages (or worse — all pages) are not there yet. Where did you go wrong? Never fear; this article will show you five common mistakes you can make when optimizing your site that might make spiders avoid it.
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