Starting A Good Virus

Before I go into the article itself, please keep in mind that this is part of a series and there have been two articles in the series already. To give you some background, this series is building a web site from scratch to show you some of the most powerful techniques, tricks, methods, or whatever term you want to use, for ranking well in the search engines, specifically with Google.

The web site can be found at In the first article of the series we mostly focused on on-page optimization factors that Google considers important in ranking a site when the spider begins indexing. In the second article of the series we talked about a secret link building technique that very few people use, know, or understand.

That link building technique is so powerful that it has resulted in the test web site getting several thousand hits after being in existence little more than a couple of weeks.  It has also resulted in a mailing list getting nearly a thousand people in only a few days. I cannot stress enough the power of the technique discussed in the second article; if you have not read it yet, I highly recommend you do.

The first article can be found here; the second article can be found here.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let’s go into another extremely powerful method for building links and driving your way to the top of Google very, very rapidly.

As many of you know Google is a big fan of sites that constantly add new content, and have that content slowly change over time.  This does mean that as a general rule blogs or “authority sites” tend to rank at the very top of Google well above e-commerce sites.

However, the thing that many people miss is that not only does Google like new content, it likes to see different types of content, even when it cannot actually read or index that content.  A good example of this is occasionally adding new audio or video files to your web site. Now if you’re going to use video on your site, it is also a very good idea to have that video available through Google Video.

{mospagebreak title=But Not Just Any Video…}

Now if you think that slapping just any audio file or any video file there is going to do the job, you’re wrong.  Yes, Google might give you a slightly better ranking if you occasionally add “just any” audio or video file to your site.  The truth of the matter, however is that if you want truly amazing rankings on Google, if you want truly massive amounts of traffic, and you want those things very, very quickly, then you have to go one step beyond.

What you need to do is start thinking along the lines of the Submissive Chicken.  I don’t know if you remember, but that was a viral marketing campaign put out by Burger King that made Burger King one of the top fast food restaurants for high school and college “kids” almost overnight.  The submissive chicken web site also drove to the top of Google in a matter of weeks.

What I am referring to specifically is coming up with video that is very likely to be shared, past around, linked to, and so on.  Now doing that is admittedly not easy. If you want something that people are going to talk about, that they’re going to e-mail to their friends, that they are going to post about on their blogs, then you need something inspiring, something funny, something controversial … something worth talking about.

And simply creating the video isn’t enough.  You need to post your video and a transcript to Google video.  Then make the video file available as a link for your web site.  Once that is done, you begin passing around the link to your web site to every single person you can possibly think of. Your friends, your neighbors, people in your email box, people that email you, anyone and everyone.  If you think about it, that is how most viral things spread.  People simply begin telling other people about it. In your case you need to start your own virus, and the way to do that is to begin talking about it.

Now understand the video has to be worth talking about.  It has to be something that other people are going to understand, love, despise, find disgusting, find funny, or something like that.  My point is it absolutely must be worth talking about.  I know I’ve said that several times in a very small amount of space; you could even say it was redundant.  That is because it is so important.

What you’re doing with this technique is quite literally called “building buzz.”  Having buzz about your business means more traffic for you.  It’ll create more links to your web site, drive you higher in Google, and do it faster than any other technique I can think of (yes, ANY OTHER technique).

{mospagebreak title=Making it Pay, Without Being Commercial}

Of course, an inspiring viral video that gets passed around, talked about, and linked to, does you no good if there isn’t some sort of tie into your business that allows you to monetize all of that traffic.

The question then becomes, how do you do that without alienating the viewer of the video, or simply making people think that it is just some commercial piece of junk?

It is a fact that on the Internet most people do not like openly commercial content With some exceptions … the high production “movies” put out by BMW being a good example).  People truly are looking for content that seems to be unbiased, and free.  That means you must walk a very delicate line between referencing your business within the context of the video you have created. Usually the easiest way to do that is to simply plug some sort of acknowledgment, or a “produced by,” or something like that at the very end of the video, usually as a black screen with white text.

Your other option is to “lampoon” your business a little bit as part of the video, sort of make it the butt of your own joke. By doing that you can control the way in which your business is “joked about,” and therefore control how people think of your business.  In fact, going with this option gets people thinking of your business in general.  And because they are not thinking about your business in some negative manner, this may be one of the most powerful techniques you can use. Getting people to think about your business and talk about it to their friends, to their neighbors, and to their email acquaintances, will certainly drive traffic and sales.

{mospagebreak title=Following My Own Advice}

But in case I haven’t stressed this enough, whatever you produce must be worthy of being talked about.  By producing something worthy of being talked about, your business will be talked about.  You will get links, and through those links you’ll drive to the top of Google in a very, very short period of time.  However, even if you never did rank well with Google using this technique (which is very unlikely), the amount of traffic you would get through the use of this viral technique alone would amount to hundreds of thousands of users a day. I have heard of very large servers literally being overwhelmed by the amount of traffic that they get using viral techniques.  That is how strong and how powerful this method is.

For those of you not aware, I have a mailing list called title magic.  In that mailing lists I will be giving away an e-book called “the idea virus” that will go into detail on how you create “viruses” that get your business talked about, that get you traffic, but more importantly get you sales.  If you have not already signed up for that mailing list all you have to do is send a blank e-mail to (the idea virus giveaway comes on day 8 I believe).

Additionally, sometime in the next few days (probably available on the 20th of June), you will see my own viral video at  There you’ll see a good example of what it takes to build buzz for a web site and drive enormous amounts of traffic. I did get the ideas for that video from the e-book that I would be giving to you at the mailing list I talked about above.

I apologize for pushing you off to the mailing lists, however, the e-book is 432 pages in length and I do not have the space to provide it directly via this article.

As always, if any of you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. You can find my email address in my bio and you can also find my phone number on my Blog Spot web site.

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