5 Funniest Google AdWords Ads

Google AdWords are something we always expect to see now. Sitting in the sidebar of a search, the top results features, sitting somewhere on a webpage…we just know it is going to be there. Half the time, I know I don’t even notice them. It is as though my eyes skim over them with absolutely no recognition, not even bothering to read what they are.

Many people are like this now, which is a shame. Because when you do pay attention, you will occasionally find some hilarious flubs by the automated system and the companies that have bought AdWords. These are five of those examples.

1. Cupid Is On eBay

Cupid Is On eBay

We all want to be loved. Now it is easier than ever…just hop on over to eBay and buy some! Not only is it available, but it is apparently cheap. That hasn’t been my experience, but hey, I am not the expert here. Whoever managed to apparently bottle, brand and advertise love is a genius, and probably worth trillions. I bet that can buy a whole lot of the love stuff.

2. Screw Dominos!

Screw Dominos!

Thinking of ordering Dominos? Pizza Hut has something to say about that. This is the search equivalent of a photobomb. It isn’t even subtle, Pizza Hut literally thrust themselves right in there like a canon ball in a swimming pool, splashing their marketing all over the place. But what I really love about it is how it is actually the result above the real Dominos site. I don’t know if there is a clearer way of one business giving the other a finger. This by the way is not allowed by Google but doesn’t mean this can’t be done. 🙂

3. I Can Confirm This

I Can Confirm This

This one is just clever. It reacts tot he ad above it, and is very amusing because of it. I love witty advertising, especially when it has a bit of a sarcastic flare. For those who don’t know, this refers to former GameSpot editorial director Jeff Gertsmann. In 2007, he was fired from his position for unclear reasons. Though it is widely believed to have been advertising pressure that led to his being unfairly bumped from the company. A number of colleagues left in protest, and it caused quite a stir. Even years later, this reference is a funny one.

4. Toddlers On Clearance

Toddlers On Clearance

Not only can you buy love these days, but apparently you can buy a baby, too! They are even on sale, so I bet you can get a great deal. There is no word yet on whether or not you can get a two-pack deal on twins. But we will keep our fingers crossed.

5. Oh My…

Oh My...

I have never seen a worst example of advertising on Google. Why this would even register for an ad is beyond me, but I am sure it caused a great deal of embarrassment for eBay. Which, by the way, does not specialize in the sale of African slaves. Or indeed people of any kind.

Have you seen any examples of funny Google AdWord flubs? Let us know in the comments.