Use POG Ads to Promote

There are a lot of online advertising opportunities out there. As a Webmaster, don’t you owe it to yourself (and your site) to explore the possibilities offered by them all? Is it possible that one of these advertising possibilities could lead you to a pot of gold? Find out how you can use POG Ads to promote your site and increase your page revenue.

Touted as a Google AdSense alternative or complement, POG Ads is a pay-per-click promotion model that allows you to earn revenue by placing ads on your pages, or advertise your site on other pages. Want to take advantage of both? When you use POG Ads to promote, you can create your own marketing campaigns and earn income from your site.

What Are POG Ads?

POG, or Pot of Gold, Ads ( is an advertising service that helps Webmasters use pay per click in one of two ways (or both ways at once). POG Ads is a standard pay per click model that’s widely used for online advertising. The site widely touts itself as an alternative to Google AdSense, or a complement to that program which can be used at the same time.

POG Ads, in fact, work the same way as Google AdSense. You can choose to use this service to promote your Web site through customizable advertisements you’ll create with POG Ads. These ads, promotions for your site, will appear on Web sites belonging to the POG Ads network which somehow boast content similar to yours. It’s very inexpensive to use POG Ads to create advertisements and have them subsequently displayed on different pages across the Internet.

When traffic clicks on your ads, it will cost you money. For each click, you’ll pay a predetermined amount as outlined in your agreement with POG Ads. Hence, pay per click. POG Ads also offers a full advertising service, where you’ll pay a monthly rate to have an ongoing Internet campaign that promotes your site.

Google AdSense offers yet another way to benefit from pay per click, and you can enjoy the same opportunity with POG Ads. If you want to earn money on Web site advertising instead of spending it, you might choose to use POG Ads in a different way. By agreeing to rent out space on your Web pages and placing ads on your site, you can earn money through pay per click instead of spending it. You’ll be providing valuable advertising space for other POG Ads users, and you’ll be earning income with your site. Every time a user clicks on one of these ads, you earn an amount determined in your POG Ads agreement. The amount may be small, but the clicks can add up on very popular pages.

You’ll only place a cut-and-paste code in your HTML editor once; from then on, the page has the potential to earn. If it sounds like very little work, you’re starting to get an idea of how easy it is to use POG Ads and other pay per click advertising models.

What are POG Ads? POG Ads are a way for you to earn money or bring in more visitors to your pages — an advertising program you can use to your advantage. Use POG Ads to promote, use them to create income or use them both ways to give your site an overall boost. Use this service to replace other programs, such as Google AdSense, or use them in addition to other services already in place on your site.

{mospagebreak title=Using POG Ads}

You’ll notice two options on the main page of POG Ads. The left side offers the POG Ads service for publishers who want to feature advertisements on their pages; the right side is for advertisers who want to spread the word about their site through online promotion. Click the blue link on either side to get started with either or both services. You’ll be taken to a very simple, straightforward registration form that will help you get started with the service.

Unlike some pay-per-click services provided on the Internet, POG Ads imposes no restrictions and accepts absolutely everyone. You will not be rejected based upon your site’s existing Web traffic and/or page impressions. No matter how many page hits your site can claim, you can use POG Ads to promote in any way you please. You can also use POG Ads while you use Google AdSense or other types of pay per click advertising programs on the Internet. If you are a Webmaster, however, you’ll need to offer some extra information to start using POG Ads.

Be sure to enter your payment information correctly. POG Ads, like may similar online programs, pays through PayPal. This is a very widely used, very secure online payment service that serves as an intermediary between your bank account and online deposits. Rather than giving your banking information to POG Ads, you’ll give it to PayPal. POG Ads sends the money to PayPal, and the latter routes that money straight to your bank account.

Need to change your information at any time? Once you’ve logged into your POG Ads account, you’ll be able to make changes at will. POG Ads also lets you change and customize your ads at the touch of a button, so you can be sure you’ll get the right look to match the rest of your Web site.

{mospagebreak title=Choosing Ads}

POG Ads provides many different customization options, whether you’re using the service for publishers or advertisers. You can choose from among text-based ads, banner ads, inmotion ads that provide lively graphics or invideo ads that offer streaming video with audio. All of these ads will have clickable links to help direct traffic to the sites which sponsor the ad in question.

You can change the placement, size, color and overall look of these ads to create something that will look good and blend in with the rest of your site. POG Ads gives you a ton of control options, so you’ll never be forced to have an ad on your site you don’t want. At any time, you can block unwanted ads from your site or change your agreement to feature different ads. POG Ads also offers an easy revenue sharing program which you can use to pay your content writers or other professionals involved with the creation or crafting of your site.

POG Ads provides previews and pictures of ad formats so you can be sure you’re getting just what you want. Using POG Ads to promote or to create revenue is very, very easy — all you do is sign up, choose your options and follow the directions.

What are POG Ads? They could be your answer to online promotion and money-making. 

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