eMarketing – Producing Regional Successes

Does your website sport a ‘Contact us’ page? Do you promote on this
page all of your contact information such as Phone, Fax, Toll Free, email,
mailing, and physical location(s)? Does this page rank high in search

Regional search queries are often typed in by searchers e.g. custom software Nova Scotia Canada however; if your only page that indicates physical country, state/province, city, town or village is the Contact Us page… you are most likely missing 100’s of potential buyers. This is especially true for a tourism vendor since the customers must ship themselves to the product the query is often regionally typed. Contact information must be on every single web page… it makes perfect sense for website usability where a question arises about your information on a product or service. In addition, the volume of missed visitation can be sizable even if only one person per page topic queries and finds you (because they used a regional term). A page optimized for ” custom software ” and ranked well may not be optimized for “custom software Nova Scotia Canada ” since ‘Nova Scotia Canada’ is nowhere on the page – and the contact page is unlikely to contain high relevancy to your generic (non-specific) keywords or keyphrases.
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