Improve Google Indexing on Your Ecommerce Website

Big ecommerce websites that sell and frequently update new products online are more susceptible to Google indexing problems. A combination of different factors can contribute to slow website indexing, most of which can be controlled by the webmaster. We’ll go over these factors here, as well as what you can do about them. Continue reading

Final Issues: Moving Blogger to WordPress with Your Own Domain Name

In parts one and two, we set the custom domain to 301 redirect Blogger post URLs to a new domain name. Then we transferred the files to the new web host and changed the name servers. Up to this stage, the setup is fine; however, there are still a lot of issues that could affect your site ranking and traffic. We will cover them in this final part of our three-part series.
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The Five Most Important Things You Can Do with Google Webmaster Tools

One of the most important tools available to any webmaster is Google Webmaster tools. This is a FREE tool from Google, and its sole purpose is characterizing and diagnosing website technical-related issues. The objective is to make the website as search engine friendly as possible, not only for Google but other search engines as well. A search engine friendly website will then have no problems in rankings and maximize visitors’ site experiences.
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