How Rich Snippets Work (And Tools to Generate Them)

Google search results are becoming ridiculously competitive. With the introduction of new and flashier ways to be seen, you still have to learn how to creatively and dynamically exploit those offered tools. Being seen with so many others attempting the same feat is just as hard as it was when visibility relied only on ranking.

Rich snippets have become the new keywords. These little details are what causes your listing to “pop” in a search, catching the eye of the user no matter what place on the first page you occupy. Proper use of rich snippets are a requirement for being seen. Continue reading

5 Useful Cheatsheets for Twitter Users

When it comes to Twitter, everyone is addicted. Twitter is everywhere: It’s my first source of news; It is a great way to reach out to micro-celebrities and niche influencers; It connects people through hashtags

For those who want to make their use of Twitter more efficient, it can help to have a cheatsheet. Here are five of them to keep on hand. Continue reading