In Simple Words: How Facebook EdgeRank Works

Over the various updates Facebook has moved from a simple communication tool to something much larger, allowing users to have more control over their accounts. This includes their friends feed, which only shows a certain number of posts from friends that you can specify.

How Facebook EdgeRank WorksAll of this is worked out using EdgeRank, a site-specific algorithm that filters through posts to decide whether or not they are important enough to match the specifications you have given each user or page. It is the reason that certain updates make it onto your friends feed, and others don’t.

How Does EdgeRank Work?

How Does EdgeRank Work

It starts by breaking down your own usage to find out how you interact with certain types of posts. This makes up more than half of what the algorithm measures, with the rest based around how your social network interacts with the same posts, usually center around more popular content.

Your personal interaction will define whether you see more or less of the posts from a certain user or page. The more you click on links, hit like, comment or share, the more likely you are to see posts in the future. When you frequently post on someone’s wall, for example, you will see them become a preferred user for your friend feed. If you frequently click on links from a page, you will be more likely to see them on your feed over pages you don’t interact with.

But what about those posts that your friends like? How come you only see a certain amount of those? That is based on the network-wide interaction, rather than specific friends. If you do have regular contact through Facebook with a user, you might see more of their comments and likes. However, usually you will see these because more than one person has shared, liked or commented on it. The more users on your list that have interacted with a specific post, the more likely it is you will see it on your own feed.

With me so far? Good.

You will also have posts based on how often you respond to the certain post type. For example, if you often comment on photos then you are more likely to see photos. If you often comment on statuses, you will be more likely to see statuses, and so on.


There you have it, a quick breakdown of how EdgeRank works. Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, but the main concept is pretty simple. It is meant to be intuitive to your needs by checking your Facebook usage and adapting accordingly.

It is just another way that Facebook has proven themselves to be the social network to beat.

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