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I am guilty of making Google Plus jokes. I just can’t help myself, not after watching years of the internet giant attempting to break into the social networking game. Failed attempt after failed attempt have marred their history, but they finally got it as right as they ever have with G Plus (in fact it appears to be the second largest social network). Only to find out that their best is still not good enough to make them true contenders for Facebook and Twitter.

Now, that isn’t to say it hasn’t found some success. But the rumors about it being a ghost town is fair enough, with far less people using it than actually have accounts. Or so the stories go, ones I believe given the fact that I don’t have a single friend who has logged onto their own accounts since they first opened them by invite. That can’t be a good sign.

There are going to be plenty of people out there that disagree with me. Google Plus does have its share of fans, even if it hasn’t found the same level success as other social sites. But let’s put that aside and enjoy some jokes about the service. Come on…you know you want to.

1. How I Feel After Posting Something on Google+

How I Feel After Posting Something on Google+

Originally posted by Brian Kuo, then reposted on Quora by Sudhir Srinivasan, this one cracks me up. I have a G+ account, mainly because I gave into the hype back when the invites were released and was among the first wave of users. My posts had hardly any reach, and by the time I had figured out the whole circles thing, my friends accounts had already been abandoned. There was no one to appreciate the funny cat videos I was linking, or the quasi-philosophical musings about burritos. Just me, standing impressively on a stage in front of a lot of empty chairs.

2. Social Networks Explained In Sexual Terms

Social Networks Explained In Sexual Terms

Idan Scneider posted this link, which has several joke infographics on it. The Google+ one is a lot funnier than the others, I think. It does point out that G+ is growing once again, thanks to the business applications unique to the site. But it is definitely the ‘kink’ of the social world.

3. One MILLION Dollars!

One MILLION Dollars!

Jack Bridger brings us this amusing, if outdated, example. Anyone who has seen the Austin Powers films will forgive the reference to such an old franchise, especially when they see Doctor Evil. A character who is still funny enough to excuse Mike Meyers for his part in The Love Guru.

4. Social Media Explained

Social Media Explained

When I first saw this photo posted by Carla Harris, I didn’t think it was funny. Not until I read the final line and started to actually laugh out loud. Or, slightly chuckle out loud. I am sure I am not the only one who has suspected that the majority of G+ users are Google employees.

5. Halloween G+

Halloween G+

Once again, this joke posted by Nivethan Jeyasingam shows us the commonly held belief that no one uses Google+. I am always amazed to find that the site is nearly taking over Myspace as a place where only trendy hipsters dare be seen. Which isn’t a bad idea; we could use an online holding pen for that social group. Then we would never again have to see their Instagram photos or their statuses about how cool the Black Eyed Peas were before Fergie.

Do you have any jokes about Google+? Post them below!

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