BEST Social Media Tools: Are You Using Them? (Collective Mastermind)

We are talking social media tools today!

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Questions we’ve been discussing:

Q. Which tools let you multi-task between various social media sites?

shannonA. ldylarke (SEO Consultant)

For managing my social media tasks, I have found Hootsuite to be the most cost effective for multiple accounts. I prefer Hootsuite because I can add unlimited social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook AND Google Plus. When I post content via social media, I can select up to 5 accounts to post to at once. For instance, I have a personal Twitter account and a site related Twitter account. When I post content related to SEO, I want to post to those two different Twitter accounts, the site’s Facebook and Google Plus pages as well – for a total of 4/5 accounts per posting. All done at the same time and from the same place.

A. BarbaraBoser (CEO)

I am an avid user of Hootsuite. 🙂 I use the bulk scheduler to upload my monthly status updates. I have all of my networks added to Hootsuite and can easily go back and forth between each. Mind you I have never used anything else, but Hootsuite serves it’s purpose for me and does exactly what I need. I typically get all of my statuses updates and then review each one then add images. Doing this for the month can take about 3 hours, but it is well worth the time. I feel that it has helped me immensely in terms of building my brand.

A. Meghan Riley (I Love Social Media Tools!)

I primarily use Hootsuite, because I can set up my social media sites to appear on separate tabs that I can quickly flip between. It doesn’t have all the features I want, but it helps me see multiple accounts at once, so I can keep on top of trends and information I might want to share. It also allows me to schedule multiple updates at once, which really comes in handy when I know I’m going to be away from the computer for an extended period of time. I use it for my personal accounts and the accounts for my real estate team.

Q. Are you using any scheduling tools?

shannonA. ldylarke (SEO Consultant)

Hootsuite Pro also allows me to schedule posts quickly and easily. I have also used Buffer, but why pay for more services when you can get the same thing done at the same place? I find Hootsuite more than able to handle all of my usual social media tasks for all of my social media profiles. Why go anywhere else to use a tool when one can use a single tool to do everything one needs to do all at the same place and at the same time? Hootsuite Pro is not only reasonably priced, but it provides everything I need.

A. Meghan Riley (I Love Social Media Tools!)

As I mentioned before, I use Hootsuite to schedule posts when I know I’m not going to be near the computer for an extended period of time, like on the weekends or days I’m at luncheon events. I can’t schedule all of the posts types I like, so if I need to post, say, a video, I’ll schedule it directly through the Facebook scheduling tool. Hootsuite also allows you to shorten URLs in the program, which helps with tracking click-thru’s. But, when possible, I try to post directly to a social media site, because they often have more options to choose from, like the picture to use while posting on Google Plus.

A. ClaytonWood (Managing Partner)

We schedule our social media posts using Hootsuite. Since we’re a content marketing company, we manage dozens of different social media projects every day. This helps us stay on top of our posts. The thing I like about Hootsuite is that you can monitor different social feeds and networks in 1 simple view.

This allows me to publish great copy for my clients regardless of where they are located around the world. Timing is everything in social and this tool helps ‘strike while the iron is hot’. We use the Hootsuite Enterprise solution because of the flexibility and scale it brings to our organization.

Q. Do you use any tools to track who of your followers have influence?

shannonA. ldylarke (SEO Consultant)

I don’t really track which of my followers have influence. I know who is noteworthy in my industry because their name pops up in social media or is well-known. If I needed to find out who was most influential, I could refer to (I do get notifications now from this site), Followerwonk, or Klout. I find is more than sufficient for me when I want to know more about a specific social media profile or account. I have searched for other social media tools that help you find influential profiles to follow, but I always end up back using just Hootsuite.

A. ClaytonWood (Managing Partner)

I like Kred, as a social influence tool. This tool measures both social influence and outreach on the same platform. With it’s influence metrics it mainly relies on retweets, follows, replies and mentions on Twitter. The same goes for how it measures Facebook.

The way it measures outreach is interesting too. it’s a total of how much you retweet, share, reply and mention other people. This way, it can tell you how much your effecting other feeds. Each social action you or your followers make gets a score. On the activity page you can see what actions specifically have contributed to your over all Kred score.

Q. Best tools to manage and grow social media interactions?

shannonA. ldylarke (SEO Consultant)

I like to manage and grow my Twitter accounts. I especially like the “consider to re-engage” feature. It lists who you haven’t spoken to for a while and will send a “hello, how are you?” kind of Tweet. This is especially helpful to remind you to keep in contact with those you want to. I also use to unfollow people who are either not following me back, or who don’t make very many updates (or at least fairly frequent updates) to their social media account. No point following these kinds of accounts. If they aren’t interacting much, then there’s no point keeping them on your social media list.

A. Kyle Sanders (Head of Search)

We primarily deal with clients in the industrial and mechanical spaces and LinkedIn has become an increasingly important channel for us over the last couple years. A colleague suggested trying Rapportive and it has proven to be a great asset. Cannot recommend it enough. Not only are we able to seamlessly connect via LinkedIn without a opening a separate tab (I have a proclivity for too many tabs), we’re privy to a litany of contact information and social updates, which basically morphs Gmail into a micro-CRM.

For anyone working client/customer management, it’s a great plugin that can streamline your communications and makes Gmail more useful and interesting. Plus, it’s free.

A. ClaytonWood (Managing Partner)

I use Followerwonk for helping to grow interaction with relevance. It’s a great tool because I can find active people with similar views or interests and start creating great relationships based around that. My strategy is basically to find, connect and learn from the person based on his tweets.

Research is the key to using this tool. So make sure you find the profile’s website, and other social media outlets. You want to build quality connections so that you can learn more about your field. There is a great ‘retweet’ tool in Followerwonk that allows you to filter our more spammy type of Twitter accounts.

Q. Any other social media tools you are using on a regular basis? Please share!

donA. Don Sturgill (Writer)

Hootsuite has been my go-to tool for monitoring Twitter accounts … and I love TwChat for group chats. My real consternation is cutting loose enough time to stay in touch across multiple platforms. I look forward to tips from other members about time-saving tools and methods. I know social media interaction is important, but the time drain can be significant. Being able to simultaneously post across multiple social sites can be helpful … but it can also be redundant.

Another thing: It may be that listening is as valuable (or even more valuable) than talking on social media. Tools that allow me to search for pertinent terms and follow/join the conversation can be critical to social media success.

shannonA. ldylarke (SEO Consultant) is really the only other social media tool I’m using. Other than Hootsuite Pro, I sometimes use RebelMouse but more often, to find and share relevant content to my followers.

While I understand why there is a minimum word requirement, I find I have to try to be overly wordy just to meet it. Especially where my answers do not require elaboration. Just saying.

A. Steve Toth (Content Marketing Manager)

Facebook text detection: This is a tool my company TechWyse built. It allows you to see if your ads meet Facebook’s 20% text guidelines. The tool has saved people thousands of hours of revising their ads due to them being rejected for having too much text.

We were written up in All and our tool has a steady user base that swears by it.

It works by placing a grid over you ad and it’s up to you to “punch out” the areas that have text. Once you have reached 20% of the area, the tool alerts you and it’s up to you to alter the image.

This tool is very handy for designers and social media managers. We hope your readers enjoy it, too.

A. Meghan Riley (I Love Social Media Tools!) is my new favorite tool, because it allows me to create visually appealing graphics quickly right in my browser. There are templates to choose from or you can build a graphic from the bottom up. You can choose from multiple sizes of graphics (Facebook Post, G+ Cover Photo, Business Card, Blog Graphic, Pinterest Graphic, etc.). There are hundreds of free pieces to choose from (frames, stamps, text bubbles, infographic pieces, etc.) or upload your own. Additionally, you can choose from many other pictures and artwork, and pay $1 each for them, which is pretty cheap considering what stock photo sites are charging nowadays. I definitely recommend everyone checking them out.

A. ClaytonWood (Managing Partner)

I took the plunge and start using Signals from HubSpot. I’d classify it as ‘social’ because it shows you when people open your emails, and with the Insights tool, you can see social media data on any website your browsing in 1 click. From what I can tell, it’s using a LinkedIn API or something third party to gather all the website data and display it for you in 1 click.

Information like how large the company is, how many people work there, how old is the company, and what social connections do you have with the company is all there to see. It’s pretty awesome!

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