Search and Social Edition: Content Curation Done Right

The overwhelming amount of information we have to deal with nowadays gave birth to a great concept: Content creation. The open nature of the web and how we communicate with this content is a unique force that has never been seen throughout history. But once the content has been created, what do you do with it? More importantly, how do we filter out the useless or irrelevant content while keeping the best?

This brings us to content curation, the next step in the evolution of information on the web. Whether it is a blog post, news article, infographic, video or anything else, it has to be monitored for quality. Once something with real share value has been found, it has to be cataloged, categorized and put somewhere that others can easily find it. It is the job of the content curator to do this.

There are some very nice people in the Internet Marketing industry who took the trouble of going through feeds and piles of information and news creating the one-stop weekly read for us. Here are the highest quality ones:

seo content curationSearch and Social Content Curation Sites

SEW Weekly

This is a weekly podcast show discussing the recently hot topics in SEO. The audio format lets you multi-task: Listen to what they talk while still being able to type 🙂

Kikolani’s Fetching Fridays

Kikolani Fetching Fridays is the official curation site of freelance writer Kristi Hines who has been around for quite some time and you get to admire the consistency of her Fetching Friday’s collection. I wish she could turn them into the weekly newsletter too!

PRSay’s Friday Five

Five news per addition, mainly social media, brand and PR related: Very focused and very well-done!

Fscinteractive’s What we are reading

This is a very original compilation of online marketing news created by these awesome women: One paragraph per person. That’s a very smart way to engage your whole team into content curating too!

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What is your favorite example of an SEO curation site? Let me know!.

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