Mobile SEO: Create, Post, and Track Content on the Go

Who says you have to do all of your SEO in the office? You’ve probably considered getting some work done on the road, but blanched if you own a laptop with the power to do it; it seems to be a truism that the better the performance you get, the heavier the laptop. Is there a way to get all the applications you need onto a device that fits in your pocket? Yes indeed; this article will introduce you to SEO applications that work just fine on your smart phone!

In a lot of ways the world of search engine optimization is about being able to be responsive to the needs of the market. Or at least responsive to the needs of the viewers for your site. This endeavor, as you can imagine, requires a certain amount of timeliness. Unless you are creating a site around all evergreen content, getting something out fast can be the difference between your next 10,000 view article and a languishing piece. Since no one wants to be the last one to post on a hot topic or capitalize on its potential to bring viewers to your site, you’re going to have to find ways to be the first to post.

One possibility would be to put all of your desktop tools into your your laptop, and lug it (and blog) everywhere. While that would give you access to all the tools you need to post, it wouldn’t give you much time have a life; it would give you no time to do field reporting and for most of us simply isn’t practical option. We all have things to do besides blog, and there are some situations in which it simply isn’t appropriate, or allowed, for you to bring your laptop.

If you don’t believe me, try taking it to the next concert you attend and see how quickly you get sent back to the car. Alternatively, try opening it up in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner and wait for the weird stares. (Yes, I know your in-laws are boring and this might spice things up. We’ve all considered it).

Since the laptop idea is off the table, you will need a new device in which to carry around your SEO tools. Something that seems innocuous. Something that in our culture is fairly ubiquitous. Ideally, something that is small enough to not give you back strain if you carry it around all day every day.

Call me crazy, but that sounds like a cell phone. A smart phone to be more exact, maybe even an iPhone. With constant Web access and a wide variety of applications on hand, the iPhone just may be able to give you a mobile working version of your office so you can create content, post content, and track its effectiveness from your pocket. It may never replace your laptop on a full-time basis, but can give you some of the flexibility you need to manage with your work and your personal life without letting either one suffer.

Now the only question left is, what applications do you choose? There are undoubtedly many choices in the app store that have the potential to meet your needs. As anybody who has ever spent time downloading applications can tell you, quality can vary greatly. That is why today we are going to take a look at some of your best choices for creating a mobile SEO office on your iPhone. That way if you happen to see an alien invasion, or anything else post worthy even, you can get it on your site right away.

{mospagebreak title=Creating your content}

The first step to having any kind of a post to your blog is to make your content. After all, if it was as simple as posting recycled videos and content from other sites, everyone would have 100,000 views on their site each month. Since you want to be as big as possible, you are going to need the ability to create and save original content.

Of course, it would be useful if that content were also available off of your phone. That way, if you start something, but don’t have the chance to finish, you don’t have to waste your phone’s battery completing the project at home, where you could use your laptop or desktop machine to do the job. These applications will give you the freedom to trade documents on the go, and the ability to access them later on the computer.



This application syncs up to your Google documents, which is handy since it allows you to both start posts on your phone and finish them on your computer, or do exactly the opposite. In addition to simply synchronizing your documents and allowing you to make changes, GoDocs  offers a few other nifty features.

By tapping on any document, you are given the option to e-mail the contents. Since many blog posting platforms do allow for posting by e-mail, GoDocs will give you an option that does not require you to copy and paste — a feature that some iPhone users haven’t quite mastered yet. You can also use your WiFi connection at home to sync your desktop if you want to work off-line.

Fliq Notes


If you have managed to master copy and paste, or you just want a free option and are willing to learn, then this application may be the thing for you. It allows you to create and categorize multiple notes. That way, you can work on more than one topic at a time.

It also has an impressive array of syncing options for off-line or on the laptop. It has built-in support for synchronizing to Microsoft’s entourage, bare bones, and the missing sync for iPod version 2.0. When you consider that this is a free application, that’s not too bad.

On the whole, this application works well when paired with a mobile blogging application. Just don’t expect too much in the way of formatting with this application, and you’ll be satisfied.

{mospagebreak title=Posting your content}

Creating your content before anyone else won’t do you much good if you can’t get that content published. Next up on our list are some applications that can help you to post your new masterpiece to your blog. 

Just be aware that not all blogging applications are created equal. If you choose an all-around application that can deal with multiple blogging platforms, you may miss out on some of the custom fields that drove you to choose a platform in the first place. Users of the WordPress platform need to be the most cautious in their choice, since many applications lack the extra SEO fields that are nearly synonymous with the default version of this platform.



This application does compatibility with a wide range of different blogging platforms. Right out of the gate it can be set up to work with any of the following platforms: Blogger , Expression Engine, MovableType SquareSpace , TypePad or WordPress.  

Unlike many other applications, iblogger even makes adding photos into your post easy. Many applications require you to send them as an attachment, which can be a problem if you require precise placement in order for the content look great with your template. iBlogger eliminates this by showing you the photo in your virtual posting space. That being said, this application is on the pricier side of the spectrum. In this case, however, think of it as an investment in quality.

Blog writer


Blog writer manages to distinguish itself from other offerings on the market because you can also embed your RSS feeds into the application. This gives you the opportunity to see what content has been posted on their sites, get your inspiration, and make a great posting about it right away. Not having to switch back and forth between a separate application for your RSS feed reader can actually be quite convenient.

For now, however, this application only supports Blogger, WordPress and MSN blogs. If you don’t use one of these, blog writer is not going to be the one for you. This application also supports geo-tagging, which is handy if your blog is location-based.

Just be aware that in order to get photos into your posts, you’re going to have to upload them to your blog album first. Then you can put them in your post. That may seem like a bit of a superfluous step, but considering that this application is so inexpensive, it may be worth the minor inconvenience.

{mospagebreak title=Analytics data and monitoring}

No campaign is complete without being able to see how well you fare with your post. Since you want to be able to check in on the go, a mobile analytics application is in your future.

There are admittedly a fair number of these on the market. However, a great number of them, like Analytics Agent (free) can be ruled out right away because of a copious number of low user reviews. Other applications seem fine when you look at the reviews, but end up being a dud when you actually use them. That having been said, this section has only one recommendation.

Analytics App


This application allows you to synchronize your Google Analytics account and see your data in real-time. While other application include this feature few of them are able to do so reliably. Its major competition, Bam Analytics, can actually get stuck and show you the same data several days in a row.

Analytics App works reliably and gives end-users a strong visual representation of how well their content is doing.

Now you can create your own mobile SEO office and go from idea to tracking in a matter of moments.

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