Laying Out An SEO and Traffic Generation Strategy

I’ve only just started writing here at SEO Chat and already I think I’ve created a bit of a problem. I’ve discussed several techniques, but provided no real way of turning those into a single cohesive strategy. Consider this piece the first part of my correcting this issue.

Now let me be clear about something. This article isn’t meant to provide some all-encompassing strategy for traffic generation or search engine rankings. It is instead meant to take the information I’ve already given and roll that information into a strategy. As I do more articles, I’ll continue to expand on this. Right now, however, what I’d like to do is start putting some of the pieces together that I’ve given to you into a single picture.

In the article “Real Link Wheel Secrets To Top Google Rankings” I talked about link wheels and how to build them using white hat techniques to improve your search rankings. Most importantly (to me at least), I talked about how to use them to expand your authority presence and gain traffic from many different sources.

Then, in “10 Steps To Being #1 On Google” I gave several techniques that can improve your chances of obtaining links and getting your content shared. Again, the idea with this article was to give you methods to expand your authority presence in your market and gain more traffic from more sources.

Then recently I wrote “The Google Optimization Truth You Aren’t Being Told,” in which I talked about how search results can vary tremendously from one person to another. I hammered home yet again how important it is to get traffic from as many sources as possible. I talked about (yet again) making sure that your market sees you as an expert in the space.

You’ll notice that’s a recurring theme with me. Once the marketplace sees you as an expert and bona fide authority, you are no longer limited by whatever the search engines deign to send your way. You’re getting a ton of traffic from a lot of sources.

The problem, however, is that it can take quite a long time to build the perception in the marketplace that you’re an authority, unless there is some way to shortcut that process.

Fortunately, the changes at Google actually can help that to happen. In other words, it is now easier than ever to rank well. Done correctly, you can very quickly build the impression that you’re the overwhelming leader of your market.

You can quickly create this huge domination of the search space, then use that to build market authority much faster and easier than waiting around for years for it to happen on its own.

So the question becomes … how do you do that?

{mospagebreak title=It Starts With Google Plus}

The strategy starts with using a Google+ Page. There is no question or doubt that Google is giving some amount of preferential treatment to Google profiles and pages. Brand new pages are showing up on page 1 or 2 even if they don’t have a whole ton of +1s or circle followers yet.

So why not create a Google+ Page that is titled the same as an important major key phrase for your market?

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to segment your market into a few different categories, as I discussed in the link wheel article, one for each “spoke” in your link wheel. At a minimum I would recommend that you have different categories for blogger,, another Google+ Page, YouTube, Squidoo, Ezine articles, and HubPages. Each of those will link to your Google+ Page. You’ll want to make sure that each of those targets a different key phrase for your market, right down to the title you are choosing. Let me be clear about something: you aren’t trying to have a name that is cool or unique. You simply want the site to be titled after a key phrase, and that’s it.

Now what you need to do is start putting some good (even excellent) content on each of those sites.  Remember, the idea here is for the market to view you as an expert, so it’s time to demonstrate some expertise. I would recommend, at a minimum, two pieces of great content on each of the sites.

Now, please remember the things that I said in the “10 Steps To Being #1 On Google” when it comes to putting your content together. While the things that I’m talking about in this article can dramatically shorten the length of time it takes to be perceived as a market authority, the fact is that you still want to make sure that your content is shared. That article helps to make sure that this will be as likely to occur as possible. Remember, it’s social media sharing that is far more important to being perceived as an authority and getting traffic than your search rankings. What we are doing with the strategies discussed in this article is using search as a way of getting some traffic so that the sharing can occur.

That said, whenever possible, link from a piece of content on one of your link wheel sites down to a piece of content on your Google+ Page. This is especially important for the content on Ezine articles, but with them you will have to be VERY careful that in doing this they don’t claim you are simply self-promoting.  The same also holds true in the other direction. In fact, you might even want to put links to every piece of content you place on any site in your link wheel in your Google+ Page. You really do sort of want that page to be a central repository for your authority presence generation efforts, so it only makes sense that you would link out from your Google+ Page as well. The best part is that this two-way movement of links will help to improve the “social” look of your G+ Page.

Next, take a trip on over to Fiverr and get some +1s to every site in your link wheel AND to your G+ Page. You’ll also want to get some circle adds for it as well.

What you are doing is letting Google know that your G+ Page is valuable to your market. Especially people with G+ accounts will be getting each item in your link wheel shown prominently in their search results.

Now you could stop there, and that might be enough. However, why not expand out your link wheel using Blogger Linkup, as I talked about in “The Google Optimization Truth You Aren’t Being Told”? This will allow you to expand your link wheel out to sites with lots of traffic and existing authority. If you also use the Fiverr technique to get +1s for those articles as well, Google is going to start seeing you as an important author, especially if you’re following my advice and linking out to every piece of content you create.

Next up is forums. Now, most forums won’t let you link out to things until you’ve posted for a little bit.  However, what if every single time you created a piece of content, you also started a discussion about what the content centers around on the forums? Now you can legitimately link out as you get people talking.

This improves the number of links going into the items in your link wheel, which further helps Google to recognize the content as important to your market.

Expand this out even further with the use of Help A Reporter Out, as I talked about in other articles; using Facebook to link out to everything; getting likes (again, you can use Fiverr for this as well) to your Facebook page to get your content still more links. Of course, there’s also Twitter, which you can use to link to all of your content as well.

Now I know that some of this is really sort of SEO 101 or link building 101, but what I’m getting at with this is, you can use Google’s penchant for truly wanting to rank G+ profiles and pages well as a mechanism for rapidly building an authority presence in your market.

As I said in the beginning, this article is designed to help you start building a larger strategy of becoming the dominant player in your market. About every five articles or so, expect to see further editions/expansions to this strategy.

Just please remember what I’ve said in articles in the past … be worthy!

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