Infographics About Content Marketing

Infographics are hot right now. They are attractive, draw your eye, and impart a lot of information. They also are really difficult to stop reading which makes them extremely useful for getting across dry content that may otherwise difficult to sit through making them an excellent educational tool.

Content marketing (read what it is here) is also hot right now and growing ever more important as more and more people have websites and products to market. Combing the two results in something foolproof and amazing and I’ve put together some of the best content marketing infographics to be found. This selection covers everything from why content marketing is important to how to make it work for you to where to expand your marketing to.

Content Matrix Infographic

Based off of the Eloqua Content Grid, this one is adapted especially for Content Marketing. It focuses on content meant to Educate, Entertain, Inspire, or Convince and shows where various content falls on the grid. Easily one of my favorite infographics.

Tradition Publicity Vs Content Marketing

This infographic is great because it shows how content marketing is different than traditional marketing and also gives you great examples of different forms of content marketing.

A Content and Inbound Marketing Blueprint

Showing the cycle of content creation, marketing, interaction with consumers, and back to content creation, this inforgraphic shows the basic and all-important structure of how everything fits together.

Is Content Marketing Traditional Advertising’s New Rival?

Highly detailed, this graphic breaks down how content marketing is being used by large and small businesses. It has an excellent part that shows all of the various forms of content marketing utilized and the percentages that used them.

Content Marketing Infrographic

Great for showing why and how a company should get into content marketing, this infographic provides the numbers and the information to give you a good idea of what content marketing should mean to your business.

Content Grid

From Eloqua, the creators of the original Content Grid, this one is centered around Content Marketing and touches on the areas of Awareness, Decentralized, Consideration, and Centralized and what falls into them.

Content Marketing Landscape

What makes this infographic incredible is that it not only talks about the various areas of content marketing, but shows you the various companies and websites associated with each. It can be a highly informational tool and help you when plotting your own content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

This infographic shows how important new, fresh, and interesting content is to online businesses these days. It gives statistics as well as advice for making sure that your business is keeping up!

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