Create an Overview of All On-Page Links – Featured SEO Tool of the Week

Today’s featured tool is quick and easy but it’s also so valuable: Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool

The tool will crawl any web page and create a clear list of all external and internal links plus the anchor text for each link.

  • Create a quick on-page link report!
  • Quickly see which links are nofollow
  • See links that have no anchor text (those might be hidden or overlooked)
  • See total number of internal versus external links on the page
  • Identify badly optimized or over-optimized (as much as I hate that word) links
  • Quickly go to any link
  • Hover over any link to see the full path

Internal/External Link Analyzer Tool

Check out the previously reviewed tool: Compare on-Page SEO of Two or More Pages (Featured SEO Tool). It also returns the list of internal and external links for several pages you point it to!