Compare on-Page SEO of Two or More Pages (Featured SEO Tool)

This week in our “Featured tool” column we are sharing a neat online on-page SEO comparison tool that lets you quickly get an idea of how each of them is optimized and how the on-page tactics differ. Use the tool:

  • To grab top Google results competing with you and compare their on-page tactics
  • To compare your own pages if one seems to be performing better (for an unknown reason)

On-page SEO in numbers

The tool will give you a quick overview of basic on-page stats:

  • Words on each page;
  • “Linked” words on each page;
  • “Unlinked” words on each page;
  • Total links on each page;
  • Page size
basic on-page stats

Basic but essential numbers

Plus you’ll get a bird’s view of most essential meta tags (title and meta description)

(Sub)heading structure

Heading structure of each page (H1-H6 subheadings and their contents)

(Sub)heading structure

The overview of H1-H6 subheadings for each page

On-page keywords (Gold!)

Keyword usage of non-linked words on-page: one-, two- and three-word phrases (This one is gold for identifying ranking differences for internal pages!)

On-page keywords

Most frequent three-word combinations retrieved from each page

On-page links

The tool will list all links it could find on a page and break them into internal and external groups.

Finally the tool will provide you with the full CSS- and HTML-free text for all pages as well as full HTML code for each. Everything on one page!