Should You Be Clocked In?

Facebook. MySpace. Insert the name of your favorite social networking site here. These Web sites allow you to connect with contacts of all types — old college chums, family members, acquaintances, co-workers, perfect strangers — but they also largely have something else in common: advertisements. How are you supposed to promote yourself and your professional services if these social networking sites are so preoccupied with their own marketing agendas? Find out if you should be Clocked In instead.

How is Clocked In Different?

Unlike Facebook and many other popular social networking sites, Clocked In is ad-free. That’s right — you can view profiles, enjoy the services and start making contacts without having to view a bunch of ads for everyone who isn’t you. Think of it as no-distraction, agenda-free networking. Doesn’t having a completely clean, self-designed profile appeal to you?



Clocked In ( gives users completely customizable online profiles with absolutely no ads. With your profile, you can show off links, promote your services and provide contact information so others can learn more about you and what you’ve got to offer. With this, you can begin amassing your network of friends and professional contacts. You’ll even have the option of taking advantage of Clocked In’s on-site instant messaging service.

And here’s the great part: you can do all of it without viewing any ads. This immediately sets the site apart from other social and professional online networks, though many of the other features may feel the same. Social networking is familiar enough, but strings-free professional networking may seem like something else entirely — something much better.

{mospagebreak title=Your Clocked In Profile}

Your Clocked In profile will display your name, picture and other relevant information about you right on the main profile page when people access you. Include a description, location, list of interests and skills and all pertinent contact information (including your Web site address). Using this information, people can immediately see who you are, what you do and how they can contact you about services and networking possibilities. 

A collection of links under your profile picture offers lots of other choices and information, so people can learn more about you and how to network with you. In a single glance, potential professional contacts will be able to view all relevant information.

Profile Extras

Clocked In offers lots of extras to help you take your profile even further. Take advantage of everything the site offers to create a more comprehensive, complete picture of who you are and what your services entail. The more complete your profile, the better your chances of forging new contacts and finding new professional opportunities.


  1. Friends. With this link, viewers can see your Clocked In friends list. When you’re listed among the friends lists of others, you’re that much easier to find.

  2. Friends of. Speaking of which, the Friends of option will display a list of those who have selected you as a friend. This is just another networking facet that makes all your connections that much more valuable.

  3. Blog. Like many other social networking sites, Clocked In gives you a free blog to play around with. You can use this to create rich content that will draw in search engines and, potentially, new professional contacts. Thanks to a handy on-site feed option, you can share this blog with an RSS subscription service.

  4. Files. You can also provide files so others can learn more about you. This might include price lists, samples of work, etc.

  5. Pages. Here, you can include links to create a network for your Web sites and other social networking profiles. It’s always a good idea to include pertinent links when you’re promoting yourself, should people want to learn more about you through other Web sites.

Groups, Bookmarks and Other Extras

Clocked In is definitely a sharing site, and anything you put on your profile will be publicly viewable. Not only will people who view your profile see the files and bookmarks you add, but the entire Clocked In community will be able to find them as well. Clocked In’s main home page displays recent groups, bookmarks and files offered by the site’s members. This makes it very easy to start sharing among others who are also Clocked In.

Each group on Clocked In will have its own page, displaying members, discussions, even group pages and a group blog. By belonging to a group, you’re increasing your Clocked In contacts and getting your name out there for added promotion. You might even find out about new opportunities and industry news by joining a group that’s related to your professional and personal interests. Groups can be open or private, though the latter is invitation-only.

{mospagebreak title=Joining Clocked In}

To join Clocked In and take advantage of ad-free online networking, all you have to do is fill out your registration form and start creating a profile of your own. Choose a password and a display name, provide your username and password, and just like that, you’ve joined Clocked In.

Once you’ve signed up for free registration with the site, just follow the step-by-step process to set up your own personal profile. All Clocked In profiles are publicly viewable and can be found through the Internet, so be careful about the contact information you choose to provide.

For instance, you may not want to provide your home address, personal e-mail or home phone number. In other words, don’t put anything on your Clocked In profile that you wouldn’t post on your own Web site for the whole world to see.

What Can Networking Do For You?

What’s the point of networking with Clocked In or any other Web site? Online networking, both on social and professionally-toned sites, can be a great way to forge new business contacts. It also helps you keep in touch with friends, family and co-workers.

But perhaps most compelling of all, online networking creates a personal promotional opportunity for anyone who uses it. Your profile is sort of like an online business card, only much more detailed. This page paints a brief picture of who you are and everything you have to offer. Since it’s live on the Internet, you never know just who might find you — or what they might have to offer.

Should you be Clocked In? This is just one more in a long list of social networking sites which anyone can use for free, but it has one important distinction: no ads. You’ll be able to focus on promoting yourself, instead of having your online space invaded by others who want to advertise their products and services.

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