Google Ball Logo: What is the Secret Message?

Users visiting the search giant Google today will be in for a treat, as they unveiled a new interactive logo. But is the logo what it appears to be, or is there something more, lurking beneath the surface?

Responding to your mouse, the letters that make up the engine’s moniker explode into different colored circles. When you move your mouse away from the logo, the dots settle back into place.

Websites across the Internet are abuzz as they try to unlock a secret message that may be hidden within the circles, though whether or not one exists is open to debate. When asked if there was such a message, Google remained tight-lipped, saying only that the picture represented what search should be: "fast, fun, and interactive."

One popular theory is that the balls represent the new version of CSS – CSS3. Another states that it points to the Flash competitor, HTML5.

This isn’t the first time Google has used a technology other than Flash to create an interactive logo. You may recall the infamous Google Pac-Man, which was programmed, impressively enough, entirely in JavaScript.

To read more about this story visit NY Daily News or drop by and see what all the fuss is about!

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