Submitting Your Site to the Yahoo! Directory

While most webmasters strive to get their websites listed in the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), there are other important directories available to list your site. Some of the other important directories, offering both free and paid inclusion, are the Yahoo! Directory, Zeal/Looksmart, JoeAnt, GoGuides, and Gimpsy. Because of its high profile, we will examine the costs and benefits of having your website listed in the Yahoo! Directory.

The Yahoo! Directory

Because of its possible importance for PageRank, as another incoming link, and for potential business referrals, you may want to consider the Yahoo! Directory. While the directory may not be suitable for all websites, some site owners may find a real benefit to being included in it. As with all directories, especially those like Yahoo! that offer paid inclusion, you have to consider your own budget and traffic requirements.

Why is Directory Inclusion Important?

Each of the major directories provide additional traffic to you your site. They also provide valuable incoming links, that enhance your Google PageRank, and perhaps your rankings on the search engine results pages (SERPs) as well. If your site isn’t listed in the Google search engine, becoming listed in directories is a great way to get your website crawled by the Google spider. Other search engine spiders crawl the major directories, on a regular basis, as well.

The Yahoo! Directory is crawled on a regular basis by the search engine spiders, including the Google spider. The directory may offer a quick entry into the Google listings for many websites.

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Yahoo! Express
The purpose of the Yahoo! Express Directory inclusion, is to provide fast paid directory entry for business sites. If you want or require your products and services to be listed quickly, the Express service may be for you. The Express submission page can be found here:

Express Directory inclusion is also a requirement for commercially based business sites for listing in the directory.

The benefit of Express inclusion is having your site evaluated quickly, by Yahoo! staffers, for directory suitability. Yahoo promises to check out your website within seven working days. That time frame compares favorably to their routinely two month waiting period for free listings. For a non-refundable, annually recurring fee of $299.00 US ($600.00 US for Adult sites), Yahoo! will place your site on the fast track to a directory listing.

Please note carefully, however, that the Yahoo! fee does not guarantee your website’s inclusion in the directory. It also doesn’t guarantee, that your choice of site description, will be the one used for the directory listing. The application doesn’t guarantee to place your site in your choice of category or sub-category either. The annually recurring fee only ensures your site will be examined for suitability within seven working days. Nothing more!

Yahoo! will notify you by e-mail, of the success or failure of your paid Express submission. As an added service, they will also provide any reasons for your site’s rejection. Should your site be rejected, you can make any changes suggested by Yahoo!, and then reapply. The same process applies to the next attempt, and another non-refundable fee must be included with your next site submission.

Yahoo! Directory requires your credit card information. Be advised that the directory fee is an annual fee. The fee must be paid every year to keep retain your Yahoo! Directory listing. It is not a one time only charge on your credit card. Should your site be included in the directory, your credit card will automatically be charged the $299.00 US (or $600.00 US for Adult site) fee, on the one year anniversary of acceptance. That annual fee is something to keep in mind when you apply. Make certain the annual fee is worth the potential results.

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Find the correct category for your site submission. The Yahoo! Directory is organized by subject matter. When you have found, what you think is the suitable category for your website submission, click on the “Suggest a Site” button. You will be taken to an online form for completion.

Yahoo will require your website name, its URL, and a brief objective description. It is best to write the site description from an impartial third party approach. Your description should simply tell what the site is about in an objective factual manner. It’s no time for flowery sales language. Yahoo! reserves the right to change your choice of description.

It’s far better to write your own website description than to rely on the Yahoo! staff person’s wording. Take your time. It’s easier to provide a good honest description than to get one changed. Changing your listing or your description requires another submission and another fee as well.

Make Sure Your Site Works Properly

Make certain that your site will load properly in a variety of browsers. Test your site by trying it out in more than one browser. A site written entirely in java, for example, is unlikely to be accepted.

Your website must provide its content in English. If the language of your site is something other than English, you are strongly advised to have a translator available. While the translation service might not be enough to ensure inclusion, it certainly would help your cause.

Because your website will be examined by Yahoo! staff members very quickly, it is advisable to check all of your site’s links. Make certain they are all working properly. Yahoo! may decide not to include your site in the directory if it’s packed full of dead links. Yahoo! also expects your site to be up and running around the clock, so make certain your site is using a reliable server.

Be sure to have no pages “under construction.” The Yahoo! Directory doesn’t include sites that are still in the construction mode. If your site is still in the building process, it might be advisable to delay your application, until such time as your site is ready. Another option for partially completed sites, if speed of entry is important, is to remove all unfinished pages. They can always be added at a later date. That way, when the Yahoo! staff drops by for a visit, no incomplete pages will greet their arrival.

{mospagebreak title=Free submission to the Yahoo! Directory}

Free inclusion is similar in many ways to the Express entry to the Yahoo! Directory. It is much slower, however. Yahoo doesn’t guarantee a review of all free submission sites either. In fact, Yahoo! may never get around to evaluating your non-commercial site for inclusion in the directory at all.

It is still worth your effort to submit your non-business site to the Yahoo! Directory through the free submission process. But remember that there are absolutely no assurances of success.

How to Submit a Non-Business Site for Free

To begin your free submission, be sure to check if your website is already listed or not. Often, you will find your site is already included within the directory, by entering your URL or website title into the search box. If your site is already there, you can sit back and relax; you are already included.

Should your site not be part of the directory, you will have to submit it by hand. Search through the available categories, digging deeper into the subcategories, for the right match for your website. Eventually, you will find the right spot for your website to be located.

The basic information page for free site submissions can be found here:

Be sure to write down the name of the category you have chosen, and the date of your submission. That information may be required later, should there be a problem with your inclusion. As with all directory submissions, it is a good practice to maintain good records of when and where your site has been submitted. Yahoo! is no exception.

When the appropriate category has been found, it’s time to submit your website. Click on the Suggest a Site button, located at the top right hand corner of the page.

You will be asked to provide the website title, its complete URL, as well as a brief description. As with the paid Express inclusion, your description should be as honest and objective as possible. Blatantly keyword loaded descriptions are likely to be changed, or your site rejected entirely. A reasonable and objective site description will almost certainly be approved.

{mospagebreak title=Enhanced Listings in the Yahoo! Directory}

Commercial sites, listed in the Yahoo! Directory via the Yahoo! Express expedited listing service, are eligible for the Yahoo!’s Sponsor Listing program. This opportunity is only available to Express listings, in the eligible Business and Economy categories, and sub-categories of the directory. The appropriate application page can be found here:

Websites that become Sponsor Listings appear in their proper directory category, in a special on page section. Sponsor Listing sites are also highlighted, to stand out, in the regular alphabetical categories.

The Sponsorship pricing varies by category. Some categories are priced as low as $30.00 US per month, while other directory category monthly fees can run as high as $300.00 US. A few categories are priced even higher and are handled through the Yahoo! advertising sales program.

Only one website can be entered into the Sponsor Listing system at a time. Any other sites you may have must be submitted separately.

Wrapping it up

Submitting your website to the Yahoo! Directory is expensive for businesses with lower budgets. Be sure to examine whether the cost of submission is justified for your company. All businesses are different. Some companies can easily justify the annual recurring directory charges. Other businesses cannot.

If you feel the fees are within your budget, and the additional traffic is profitable for you, then by all means submit your site to the Yahoo! Directory

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