Article Writing for Back-Links

There are a number of ways you can get visitors to your website. The best way, of course, is to give them a reason to visit. Since many web users search for information, if you can show them that you have the information they’re interested in, you can attract more visitors. Writing articles, especially if at least one of them goes viral, can help — if you do it correctly.

Indeed, one traditionally strong Internet marketing technique often employed by online businesses is writing expertise articles. Someone from an online company can write an article on just about any subject imaginable, as long as they are knowledgeable about it. Once they have written it, they publish it online and it circulates around the Internet. People read this article, and then, if they want to know more or just respect the knowledge in it, they may follow a link from the bottom to the website of the article’s author.

The articles come in many shapes and sizes. They can be of any length, from as few as 100 words to thousands. They can cover any subject matter. Many of them are about the Internet, since most of the people online are interested in reading about it, but there are plenty of other topics as well. Sometimes the authors will research their articles, but if there is plenty of knowledge on the subject already, then it is not always necessary.

There are also plenty of venues for posting such articles. There are countless article databases that have been set up just for the purpose of such people posting their articles. They can also publish the articles on their own websites as well as submit them to small media outlets, such as blogs and local news websites. The goal is to get them out to as many people as possible, so that as many eyes as possible see the link at the bottom of the article.

A quality article may take on a life of its own. People may see it and decide to feature it on their own websites. It is a form of viral marketing, but it is entirely legitimate and people even appreciate it.

One of the most important aspects of the articles is that they reflect well on the author and his or her business. Although the article is informative on some subject, its ultimate purpose is to bring in potential customers to the website. If it informs well but does not convince people to click the link, then it is not even worth taking the time to write the article.

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When you are deciding what you are going to write one or more articles about, you first have to consider what you can talk extensively about. It is always easiest to write numerous quality articles concerning something about which you have a lot to say. If you have always had a passion for cars and you work in the auto industry, then there is no reason that you should not be able to write a series of articles about all things cars. The potential is there for up to fifty articles, easily, that could all circulate around the Internet simultaneously.

It is important to tie your expertise to your business in some way. This can be either very easy or very difficult, depending on how well they match up. If they are the same, then obviously there is no issue. If they are, for instance, an expertise in weaving and a business in card-making, then you can still tie them together loosely. If you cannot find a way to tie the two together, then you might have to look beyond your expertise and do some research into the technical aspects of your business so that you can write about that.

Even if you are writing about something that you know, research may be a good idea. It can give you figures and facts that make it much more obvious to your audience that you know what you are talking about. It can make the articles easier to write, as you will have more raw material to work with. Although research does take time, it raises the overall quality of your articles, which increases their value to you. Basically, it is an investment, and you have to decide for yourself whether or not it is worth the time.

Remember that you want people to respect your article for several reasons. If they like it enough, they may feature it on their own websites. Even if they do not do that, they may be interested in learning more and will click the link at the bottom of the article and be taken back to your website: mission accomplished.

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There are lots of options for you when you are thinking of where to post your article. If it is appropriate, the first place that you should put it is your own website. If people follow the link to your website and see the article that they were reading, then they will know that they are in the right place. It is also a good way to provide free information for your customers as well as people that will potentially be buying from you in the future. People always appreciate a free handout: information counts!

After you have put the article on your website, you should start looking up article databases. There are numerous large ones; most of the major ones can be found with a simple Internet search. You should not bother with any databases that require you to pay a fee to submit your article. There are so many free ones that it is not worth it.

Most of the free databases will require you to sign up for a free account. Although it takes a few minutes for each initially, after your first article it will be easy to come back and just upload your newest article. As people read your articles, they will begin taking a look at some of the others you have written, increasing the chance that they will find one that they want to share or follow the link back to your website.

When you post your articles, there are two things that you should keep in mind. The first is that your goal is to get people to follow the link to your website after they read their article. The best way to do this is to give them a reason to follow the link. They have to believe that they will get some value from your website. If it talks about something you offer, then that is value. It might also promise more information.

The other consideration is that you want people to replicate your article. The way to do this is to make sure that it is valuable. If the article provides truly useful information that people find novel and interesting, then they will want to use the content on their own websites. This is a great way to get free PR without having to put any extra work in. People do it for you!

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One of the most important things you can do when writing articles is submit them to a lot of places. For each article, you should find a lot of different places to list it. This will increase its initial exposure as well as ensure that more people find it that will be willing to post the article on their own websites.

However, another easy way to release a high quantity of articles is by writing more. The more articles you write, the more articles that you can submit to the article databases. If you write five articles of the same quality, then you will have five times as many people that can potentially follow your link and bring you business after reading an article.

Writing more articles also increases the chances that you will have one truly successful one. Chances are that most of your articles will not get picked up by a lot of websites and will only bring a handful of visitors to your website. However, if you can get one to become a really big hit, then you can have literally thousands of potential visitors and customers coming to your website.

You can also vary the topics about which you write articles. This will expand your audience, thereby increasing the number of people that can come to your website. As long as you still keep the topic related to whatever your website’s business is, then you should have no problem stretching out and finding more information on a subject that might not be your primary expertise.

The knowledge that you gain by varying your article topics could even benefit your business. Assuming that the topics are related, you will be gaining diverse knowledge in your field, and that certainly cannot hurt. It will give you perspective and perhaps teach you a new and more efficient or effective method of doing things.

The one thing to remember when writing articles is that you are doing it not only to inform, but to get people to your website. Keep that in mind at all times, and include tidbits that will help convince them to follow the link back to your website. You also want them to be engaged and interested, so that they will copy the article onto their websites, so that there will be many more visitors that will potentially follow your link.

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