Google Toolbar 7 Offers New Features

Last week, Google introduced Google Toolbar 7 for Internet Explorer. It includes a number of features that will help speed up your searching and get back to what you were doing quickly. What’s more, it puts the tools you use most right at your fingertips.

Many of the features now available in Google Toolbar 7 premiered in Chrome, the search company’s own browser. One example is Toolbar Instant. Simply type in the toolbar’s search box, and search predictions and results will start appearing in your browser immediately in real time as you type. You needn’t be on the Google search page to kick off this process. You can head back to the page you were on when you started your search by pressing Escape or your browser’s Back button.

Toolbar Instant is not enabled automatically; you’ll need to go to Toolbar Options and click “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing.” It only works in IE 8 and IE 9; older versions of IE are not compatible.

Another nice aspect of Google Toolbar 7 is that it learns how you use it. The tools you use most will stay visible, but ones you haven’t used in a while will be mored to the “More” button, helping to maintain a simpler, cleaner interface. Google notes that “This personalization is stored only on your computer, so no information is sent to Google unless your usage statistics are enabled.”

Google Toolbar can help you find not only the page you’re looking for, but the part of the page most likely to have the the specific piece of information you need. Pressing the Highlight button lets you see all the words on a page that match your search terms, while the Word Find button lets you seek out individual words on the page.

As the Internet grows to include more pages in a greater variety of languages, Google Toolbar 7’s translation features become more important. If you land on a page in a foreign language, the toolbar automatically offers to translate it. If you don’t need to see a translation of the entire page, you can roll your cursor over a single word to translate it.

Google Toolbar 7 was rolled out last week in English, but the search company planned to include other languages within a few days. It’s available from

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