Using Calendar-Based Keywords

It’s nice to own and maintain a site that gets a steady stream of traffic all year long, but haven’t you ever wanted to take advantage of the potential spikes that content based on the holidays can bring? Keep reading for some ideas to lure visitors during those times of year when searchers suddenly start using an entirely different set of keywords.

Some keywords, like making money and earning income, are popular the whole year through. Internet users are always interested in finding jobs, creating revenue for themselves, and learning the latest celebrity gossip and shocking tabloid stories. Web writers can use all of these constantly-popular keywords to their advantage, filling content with catchy phrases in hopes of gaining plenty of traffic.

Other keywords crop up only once a year…but when they do, they control a large volume of Internet surfing. What do you need to know about using calendar-based keywords?

Seasonal words appear and re-appear every twelve months at different intervals through the year. For a few days or even a few weeks, the tide of Internet traffic suddenly changes as users turn their attention to new words and phrases, far different from the popular keywords invoked by Web pages all across the Internet. Calendar-based keywords can be a hot commodity during these times. Do you know how to use them to your best advantage?

‘Tis the Season of New Keywords

People have caught on to the uses of the Internet. A vast realm filled with information, ideas, advice, tips and tricks, the World Wide Web can help anyone learn anything. Web users knows this, and they know how to use it to help themselves.

Need help with filing taxes, inventing great Halloween costumes, finding simple and inexpensive Christmas gifts for the whole family? Look to the Internet to find solutions for every single seasonal problem. Sites offering seasonal advice may not be relevant every single day of the year, but for a few brief weeks or days they can create a commanding presence on the Web.

Calendar-based keywords exist on a schedule of success, and by no means should any Web site rely upon these fleeting phrases alone to enjoy strong, consistent traffic. When used properly, however, calendar-based, seasonal keywords can help you enjoy great spikes of success during certain weeks of the year. If you can earn a little extra traffic, a little extra income through seasonal keywords, why not run with it?

{mospagebreak title=Popular Calendar Keywords}

Every Web writer knows that popular keywords can be a ticket to online success. Use these popular words to enjoy a steady flow of traffic, a nice rush of constant visitors. Your site’s base keywords and phrases (the main theme) should always reign paramount, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include a few pieces of content which are based on specific times and themes of the year.

But which calendar-based keywords will yield the most success for your site?

Valentine’s Day , which falls on the 14th of every February, is one of the biggest commercial holidays of the year. This day of hearts, flowers, candy and jewelry is meant for lovers of all kinds – and spending is always celebrated.

During this time, Internet content which offers unique, interesting ideas for Valentine’s Day are highly popular. Many Internet users are looking for ways to express themselves inexpensively. Offer money-saving tips on making the holiday special, and you’ll notice a spike in traffic for the month. Keywords associated with Valentine’s Day include the name of the holiday itself, phrases such as romantic ideas, ways to propose, and making your own Valentine’s gifts.


Tax time strikes but once a year, yet it affects everyone. This confusing whirl of finances leaves many people at a loss. Often, Internet traffic is looking for advice on how to file, how to claim, where to go to seek financial help and advice. Offer this to them with well-placed keywords and content that helps them get their forms together and alleviates the stress of filing.

Any articles offering advice at this time are likely to draw attention. The calendar-based keywords you’ll want to use to draw attention during tax time include filing taxes, claiming expenses, finding the right tax forms and financial tips and advice.

{mospagebreak title=Summer and Beyond}

Vacations are often thought of as a summertime treat, and it’s during this time that many start to turn their attention to relaxing plans. Even those with money to spend on such diversions are looking for ways to make their vacation ideas come true inexpensively, and many are seeking new ideas and locations to make their trip unique and memorable. Use keywords like affordable vacations, cheap vacation spots and planning a great family vacation to draw attention from these getaway-seekers.

Halloween lasts for only one day, but it’s often thought of as the harbinger to the whole holiday season (which seems to get longer every single year). For this event, adults and children both enjoy donning costumes and eating candy and food. Write articles on home-made costumes, unique costume ideas, couples costumes and costumes for kids to gain more notice for your site during this holiday.

Thanksgiving is a time of food and family, and many are looking for ways to save money during this somewhat hectic time. By offering quick and easy recipes, decoration ideas, traditional Thanksgiving menus and non-traditional Thanksgiving ideas you can gain a lot of attention for your site for about two weeks out of the year – a very nice traffic boost.

{mospagebreak title=The Biggest Holiday of All}


Christmas still reigns supreme as the most popular calendar-based keyword for Web writers. This time of year is considered by many to be extremely stressful despite the festivities. It’s a time of merry-making and money-spending, get-togethers and intense decorating. Capitalize on this flurry of holiday activity with words like affordable holiday gifts, holiday stress, holiday recipes and other Christmas- and holiday-infused phrases that deal with creativity, cooking, decoration and affordable ease. For many, the Christmas season lasts for many weeks. Lots of Internet traffic is out there searching for money-saving, stress-relieving ideas. Give this to them, and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Seasonal, Calendar-Based Keywords

You may not find success if your site is filled with nothing but content that dwells on certain times of the year, but calendar-based keywords can be an extremely useful tool when supplemented with the other content on your site. Your base keywords and phrases (the main theme of your site) will make up the bulk and base of your traffic. Calendar-based keywords can bring in extra visitors and attention at certain times of the year, helping you to earn more during these seasonal intervals.

Once you start creating seasonal content during these times, it can continue to serve you even years after it’s first submitted to the site. An article you wrote last year on holiday budgeting can always re-surface, drawing in traffic again once the season comes back around. Even archived content can draw in traffic, which makes calendar-based keywords a powerful tool for any site.

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