Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Keyword Suggest Tool: Featured Tool of the Week

A couple of weeks ago we made our favorite collection of tools public at SEOchat. From now on, I am going to feature one tool a week to bring up all the glory of that section.

Today’s featured tool: Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube Keyword Suggest Tool

The tool collects as-you-type “suggestions” you would see each time you use any of the above search engines – and to expand the list, it also tries to add each letter of the alphabet after your core keyword for you to have a huge list of phrases.

keyword suggestion

The great thing about the tool is the different nature of search engines that are included. With it, you can see:

  • General search results people tend to type in Google and Bing when starting a search with your core query
  • More commercial results they search for in Amazon
  • More entertaining results they type into Youtube search engines.

Keyword suggest results

Keeping that in mind, the Suggest tool can become a huge brainstorming help (just scrolling through results will give you lots of content ideas)! It can give you come local content ideas as well:

Local results

To navigate the results, click any letter on top of the list.

You can also select any key phrases and run “part two” of the tool that will expand those phrases for you even further:

Expand even more

You can select any phrases and get CPC and search volume for those in “Part 3” of the tool:

cpc and search volume

Lastly, you can export your final keyword list to keep it for the reference or send to your content team.

If you notice any bugs or have any ideas on how to improve the tool, please use “Feedback” button.

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