Google`s Pet Scam Conspiracy

I have watched as the SEO experts have lined up like good little soldiers and begun cult worship of an engineer from Google, as well as his counterpart at Yahoo to some degree. It was reported over at a large whitehat/blackhat search engine conference that the Google engineer was followed around in between sessions much like Brittany Spears is mobbed when shopping.
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SEO for Organic Results Does Not Equal Sales

You managed to get your website high in the search engine results pages, but you’re still not seeing the sales you expected? Maybe it isn’t the search engines’ fault. In this article, Clint Dixon talks about changes you can make to your site so that your visitors find it more compelling and will be more likely to convert.
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Make Money Without Doing Evil – A Lesson in Content Scraping

Google regularly clears out scraper sites and directories built for the sole purpose of generating adsense dollars. While doing so, Google also smacked down a few legitimate websites from their index. The penalties for the few who abuse the rules often hurt those who were behaving well, and the results don’t seem to be pretty. Continue reading