E-Business 101, Part 5: Intellectual Property

You don’t need to be a lawyer to have some understanding of intellectual property law–but you do need to have some understanding of intellectual property law to have a thriving e-business. Myles Alderman discusses the legal ins and outs of the three kinds of intellectual property you’ll encounter most: copyrights, trademarks, and patents.
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E-Business 101, Part 4: Security Interests.com

“Neither a borrower nor lender be.” This is obviously advice debt lenders shun, and for good reason. E-tailers have a reputation for short lifespans, and even smaller promotional budgets. But if your business needs a financial boost, what can you expect a lender to look at? The devil, it seems, is in the details.
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E-Business 101, Part 3: Privacy

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the World Wide Web (the “Web”) is interactivity. Visitors don’t just read text on a Web site – they interact with it – and as they do the Web site usually gathers information about them. Some personal information is gathered overtly through form’s requesting personal information. Studies suggest that over 90% of Web sites aimed at consumers collect at least some personal information and more than 55% collect at least some demographic information. More information is gathered covertly as visitors navigate through the Web.
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