Collecta: Real Time Search

Spend at least ten minutes on the Internet, and you’re bound to become familiar with the concept of search engines. In fact, the entire World Wide Web probably wouldn’t work unless users had some comprehensive way to find information on pages, and that’s what search engines are all about. But aren’t all those engines essentially the same? Collecta is different; keep reading to find out how, and how it might affect your site.
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Create Focused SEO with Subtitles

In the newspaper business, the headline is the most important element on the page. The words have to be relatively short, attention-getting, exciting. Headlines are just as important in Internet writing — perhaps even more so. Keep reading to learn how to put a special type of headline, called a subtitle, to work for you.
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What is Mobile SEO?

The online world is going mobile, and everyone’s getting involved with the popular trend. Mobile Web browsers and smart phones have turned the mobile world into an entire universe of online sites and stops, advertising and extras. The online world is going mobile, and that means your site should, too. What is mobile SEO…and, do you know how to use it?
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