Five Ways to Optimize Pages

You think very carefully about your keywords, your phrasing, your titles and links when you create an article or blog post for the Web. When writing with an Internet audience in mind, you’re always sure to optimize your content for best effect with the search engines. SEO isn’t just something you want to use when creating blogs and bits and content for your site; SEO is something you want to use on every single page. Learn five ways to optimize pages all over your Web site.
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Should You Be Clocked In?

Facebook. MySpace. Insert the name of your favorite social networking site here. These Web sites allow you to connect with contacts of all types — old college chums, family members, acquaintances, co-workers, perfect strangers — but they also largely have something else in common: advertisements. How are you supposed to promote yourself and your professional services if these social networking sites are so preoccupied with their own marketing agendas? Find out if you should be Clocked In instead.
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Are You Optimized? Use SEO Analysis

There are lots of little ways you can check to see if your keyword optimization efforts are paying off for your Web site. You’ll know you’re achieving search engine optimization when your traffic increases, when you enter the keywords you’re using into a search engine and actually find your own site. There are plenty of tools that will help you check this or that, so you can fine-tune your site’s SEO. But do you really know if your site is optimized for the Web? Learn how to use SEO analysis.
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