SEO Firms: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Making the decision to invest in your website by hiring an SEO firm can be tricky; and once you have decided on doing just that, how do you know how to decide among SEO companies? Do you choose a large firm with lots of different employees to contribute to your project? Or do you go with an individual SEO consultant without all of the overhead of the large company for a more personal, one on one experience? Are SEO consultants like lawyers: the more you pay per hour, the more they do for you? Or do you go for the cheapest package available to you?
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How to Conduct Competitive Research

Every time Google updates its algorithm, it presents a new set of obstacles for webmasters and SEOs alike to overcome. Whether it is a change in SERPs (search engine results pages), position, PageRank, or inbound links, one thing is immediately clear: it takes a huge toll on us to live in fear that our website will drop into complete obscurity. Instead of scurrying to fix your website every time an update happens, there may be some things we can do proactively to make sure that our organic search optimization efforts aren’t entirely wasted every three or four months.
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