Trim the Fat: Maintain Your Website’s Focus

Make sure your site offers exactly what it claims to offer instead of trying to have a site that offers everything to everyone or a web site whose purpose is obscured with too many features or irrelevant content. Examples of sites that do exactly what they say they do include Google and Hot or Not.
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Utilize Directories for Increased Hits

It’s not enough to have a great site with spectacular content and the right keyword density. For good or ill, optimization is the name of the game. Although you’re probably doing many things right (at least if you’ve been following our advice), there are always areas which can use improvement. One often overlooked improvement (especially for dynamically driven sites) is in the URL. Are the spiders seeing “page.php?value=…”, or are they seeing a keyword rich page structure? Author Ian Felton describes how to use and optimize directories within your URL for your advantage.
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Read This Article and Win $1 Million Dollars!

Well, not really, but hopefully from this article’s title, you can see the usefulness of contests and giveaways in drawing attention to your web site. You’ve optimized your keywords, you’ve sent out press releases and you’ve rented a plane to fly your web site’s URL over the Super Bowl. If you are still looking for more attention on your site, running a contest or sweepstakes is a perfect way to give added credibility to your site, increase hype and make some users happy. Running a contest or sweepstakes does require some extra planning and some legal research, but the benefits out-weigh all of that if executed well.
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