Top 21 SEO Tips for 2007 (unedited)

 Top 21 SEO Tips for 2007

by GarytheSubaGuy

Notes: needs clarification as it doesn’t seem to be part of the top 21 series. Can be run with a different title except for the top 50 tips section. We already ran some articles using those tips. We could probably remove that section and link to those articles instead; this article is long enough that it will probably *still* be long enough to get a full article out of it after that.

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Social Bookmarking and More Top SEO Tips for 2007

Gary Beal, also known as GaryTheScubaGuy to our regular SEO Chat forum readers and members, came out with plenty of great SEO tips for 2007. Since he has expanded, updated, and revised this list, we’ve been presenting them in sections to help you have a banner year in 2007 and 2008. This is the fourth part of the series.
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