Number 1 in Google

This article started as a challenge. I have a membership site with an enormous amount of information on SEO, traffic generation, sales conversions, and so on. A friend of mine however made a bet. He bet me that I couldn’t show the steps to ranking well in Google in 45 days or less, and do it in less than 2,000 words. Now ordinarily I’m not really the betting kind, but let’s just say he made the bet interesting.
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Craziness at the Googleplex

What in the WORLD is going on at Google? Since early last year, there have been widespread reports of Google dropping caching on current pages but keeping pages two or more years old that don’t even exist on the site any longer. There have also been widespread reports of Google indexing some pages on a site, but ignoring others, with no clear reason why the spider is doing what it is. What’s the deal?
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