Boost Your Job Board

According to a 2008 study by service research group The Inavero Institute, 72% of salaried job vacancies are posted on the Internet. The study also reveals that online job boards are the favorite recruitment tool of around half of all recruiting managers. These statistics strongly suggest that a job board is one of the best possible services to offer online. This article will help you give your job board a competitive edge.
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Mobile Search Engine Optimization

If there is one area of certain growth in these troubled economic times, it is the mobile communications sector. And with significant improvements having emerged over the last few years in vital areas such as data transfer speed, screens and content, mobile devices are starting to challenge the PC as an Internet access device of choice. This in turn has raised a key issue in the Mobile Internet space: that of the optimization of sites for mobile devices and search engines.
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Google Faces Possible Anti-Cartel Investigation

Google may appear to be ready to take over the world, but it still has some major regulatory issues to confront. Its advertising deal with Yahoo has anti-trust agents in both the US and Europe up in arms, to say nothing of Microsoft and certain advertising organizations. Keep reading to find out what the fuss is all about.
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