Search Engine Friendly E-Commerce Catalogs

The fundamentals of search engine friendly design apply to all types of sites, including e-commerce catalog sites. The beauty of the dynamic e-commerce catalog is that generating search engine friendly e-commerce catalogs is easy. This document will give you a walk through of a typical e-commerce store, ranging from its homepage to its catalog pages, and from a product page to a brands landing page, explaining how to optimize each page to leverage organic search engine traffic.
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Have You Started Your Christmas Search Engine Campaign?

The dog days of summer are upon us and many people are looking forward to the beginning of football season and the onset of autumn. As your business settles into the third quarter of 2004, it’s tempting to believe that there is plenty of time left before you need to think about your company’s Christmas marketing campaign. Andy Beal offers suggestions and some techniques you should be thinking about if you want to ensure a Merry Christmas.
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