Taking Advantage Of Adsense Targeting

I originally intended to write an article explaining how advertisers can take advantage of Adsense to target specific sites. As I was researching this topic, however, I slammed the brakes on my theme. I noticed that Google seemed to be backing off from the "post your ad here" approach, which focused on the advertiser. You can still see that approach, but it is changing. Keep reading to find out how.
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PageRank: Acting Brand New

Late last year something went down in the SEO world, literally. It was big and if you are into Internet marketing you would have noticed it. The Google PageRank of large numbers of publishers (gasp!), the ultimate navel gazing tool, took a big hit. Some dropped by two points and some by as much as 5. Should you care? Does it matter? And what is this PageRank business anyway? Keep reading to find out.
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