Urchin 5.5 – Web Analytics Product Review

The bottom line for any marketing endeavor is return on investment (ROI). Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has its place within a company’s online advertising budget. Rankings are only a means to an end. Most SEO campaigns produce a positive impact on ROI. Web analytics software gives you the necessary data to make informed decisions regarding your online marketing efforts. This article will discuss Urchin’s Web analytics software and how it can benefit a Search Engine Optimizer and their client’s bottom-line.
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Team SEO Strategy

SEO professionals who run their site’s “SEO race” alone have a hard time. Too hard, in fact. A SEO pro should be looking for creative ways of teaming up with appropriate SEO colleagues in order to obtain higher search engine rankings faster and with less sweat. This article, if you would like, is a call to SEO’s to start working with each other rather than continue thinking they’re against each other!
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